Author: Charlie Ballard

President Trump Celebrates Native Heritage Month…Not Really.

Wow! On October 31st, the White House proclaimed November as Native American Heritage Month, and then four days later our glorious Commander in Chief took to Twitter and bashed Hillary Clinton for rigging the DNC primaries, while advertently mocking Senator Elizabeth Warren's Cherokee and Delaware Native heritage.   Generally, when other communities...

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McDonalds Indian Box – I’m NOT loving it !!!

Thank God Baseball season has finally come to a close.  Making news in a bad way was a new McDonalds promotional item called, "Mickey D's Indians Dinner Box", which includes 2 Big Macs, 2 cheeseburgers, 4 small fries, and 10 piece nuggets. This limited combo could be found at various McDonalds...

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5 Native Women to Know

Happy Native Heritage Day/Month/Year/Life !!!  Here at Powwows.com, Native Heritage Day is everyday so we've decided to celebrate notable Native women thru a photo series campaign called, "5 Native Women to Know" ! These ladies have made significant strides in their respective disciplines and represent many of our at-large leaders...

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Offensive Pioneer Statue to Native Americans up for Removal!

A section of the, "Early Days", a monument depicting San Francisco's pioneer history is up for removal because its considered offensive to Native Americans. And rightfully so. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDRCBQtODtw There are probably some Non-Natives reading this blog saying, "Oh, my history is being removed".  Actually yes, your history is up for...

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Two Spirit Royalty 2017

This past week three of our Native LGBT ambassadors attended Tucson Pride in Tucson, Arizona! (Pictured L-R) Miss Montana Two Spirit 2017 - Vanessa Kristina (Salt River Pima), Miss International Two Spirit 2017 - Timothy Ward (San Carlos Apache), Miss Apache Diva 2017 - Vicki Quintero (White Mountain Apache). Lets get...

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Beader of the Week – Tawnia Littlesalt

This weeks featured artist is Tawnia Littlesalt, a Navajo beader from Kayenta, Arizona.  Tawnia began showing interest in beading when she was 11 years old.  She would watch her mom, Ella Benally do beadwork at the kitchen table and have several looms laid out working simultaneously on each project.  Her moms...

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