Stand on Sacred Ground: American Dakota’s New Rug Collection Celebrates Indigenous Artistry

Stand on Sacred Ground: American Dakota’s New Rug Collection Celebrates Indigenous Artistry

In Calhoun, Georgia, there’s a modest rug mill making waves with its latest collection. This new line of rugs, called Sacred Ground, has a name that pays homage to Indigenous cultures. Available exclusively through American Dakota rug dealers this Georgia-based mill is not only creating beautiful rugs but also providing a platform for Indian tribal artists to showcase and sell their work. These machine-made masterpieces give buyers a chance to quite literally stand on sacred ground.

The Sacred Ground collection features twelve stunning designs, each boasting bold colors and intricate patterns crafted by master Native American artists. These unique designs are perfect for any room, blending natural materials with cultural flair.

They don't just add aesthetic appeal; they bring a piece of history into your home.

Among the talented artists featured are Eugenia Stanley, Willow Kipp, and Randy L. Barton. American Dakota has set up a profit-sharing arrangement with these artists, ensuring they benefit from each sale. This arrangement is a win-win for everyone involved.

Buyers get to own a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of art at an affordable price, and artists receive well-deserved recognition and financial support. Each rug, made from 100% EnduraStran nylon, comes in seven different sizes, offering flexibility for any space.

The collection’s name, Sacred Ground, was suggested by artist Willow Cahill. She explained,

“The name refers to walking in beautiful places and creating designs that cover large areas of people’s homes or workspaces. It shows care and respect for that place in the home, and for the feelings of all who see the space. Those are all sacred spaces.”

Eugenia Stanley, a self-taught master weaver from the Navajo Reservation, offers rugs with evocative names like My Magnificent Blessing, Ms. Stormi, Natural Beauty, and My Mother’s Teaching. With 15 years of weaving experience, many of her designs are inspired by her dreams, which she brings to life through her art.

Eugenia Stanley with 2 daughters

Willow Kipp, a rising star from the Blackfeet/Shoshone–Bannock tribes, is known for her line of handmade designer bags and has recently ventured into rug design. Her Buffalo Rising print, inspired by her heritage, is a standout piece in the collection.


The Sacred Ground rug collection launched the week of March 25th on the American Dakota website.

A 5×8 rug sells for $369.95, with fifty percent of the proceeds going directly to the artist. This collection not only offers a beautiful addition to any home but also supports Indigenous artists and their crafts.

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    Hi Paul I just ordered a beautiful rug, I’m so excited and the price was very reasonable! Thank you for making these available!

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