Guide to Becoming a Pow Wow Vendor

Guide to Becoming a Pow Wow Vendor

Native American pow wows are vibrant gatherings that celebrate Indigenous culture through dance, music, art, and community. These events often feature a marketplace where vendors sell traditional crafts, jewelry, clothing, food, and more. Becoming a vendor at a pow wow can be a rewarding opportunity, both culturally and economically. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to become a vendor at these unique events.

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1. Choose the Right Pow Wow

There are hundreds of pow wows across North America, ranging from small local gatherings to large intertribal events. Decide whether you want to start with a smaller event or jump into a larger one. Some of the most notable pow wows include the Gathering of Nations in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the Crow Fair in Montana.

2. Identify What to Sell

Vendors typically offer items that reflect Native American culture and craftsmanship. Common products include:

  • Handmade jewelry
  • Beadwork
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Art and pottery
  • Traditional foods
  • Herbs and natural remedies

Ensure that your products align with the cultural context of the event. Authenticity is key, and many pow wows have strict guidelines to ensure that items sold are genuine and respectful of Native traditions.

3. Prepare Your Application

Most pow wows require vendors to apply and be approved before they can set up a booth. Applications usually request detailed information about your products, your background, and sometimes even photos of your work. Gather all necessary documents and prepare a professional, respectful application.

4. Contact the Pow Wow Committee

Reach out to the pow wow’s organizing committee or vendor coordinator. This contact information is often available on the event’s official website or through affiliated social media pages. When contacting them, be polite and express your genuine interest in participating. Ask for the vendor application form and inquire about any specific requirements or fees.

Each pow wow has their own committee.  For each event you want to attend, you'll have to submit a separate application.

5. Pay the Fees

Vendor fees can vary significantly depending on the size and prestige of the pow wow. These fees cover the cost of your booth space and sometimes additional services like electricity or parking. Ensure you understand all the costs involved and pay the fees promptly to secure your spot.

6. Prepare Your Booth

Invest in a quality setup for your booth. This includes a sturdy tent, tables, chairs, and displays for your products. Make your booth visually appealing with banners and signage. Ensure you have all necessary supplies, including a cash box, credit card reader, packaging materials, and any licenses or permits required for selling your goods.

7. Follow Pow Wow Etiquette

Respect the rules and regulations set by the pow wow organizers. This may include guidelines on setting up and dismantling your booth, interacting with customers, and participating in the event’s opening and closing ceremonies. Always maintain a respectful attitude towards the participants and the culture.

8. Network and Engage

Pow wows are excellent opportunities to network with other vendors, artists, and members of the Native community. Engage with your customers and fellow vendors, share your story, and learn from others. Building relationships can lead to future opportunities and collaborations.

9. Be Prepared for the Elements

Many pow wows are outdoor events, so be prepared for various weather conditions. Bring appropriate clothing, sun protection, and weatherproof your booth. Staying comfortable and ready for any weather will help you maintain a positive experience throughout the event.

10. Reflect and Improve

After the event, take time to reflect on your experience. What worked well? What could be improved? Gather feedback from customers and other vendors. Use these insights to enhance your setup and approach for future pow wows.


Becoming a vendor at Native American pow wows is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Indigenous culture while sharing your own crafts and products. By respecting the traditions, understanding the market, and preparing thoroughly, you can have a successful and enriching experience as a pow wow vendor.

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