Alabama Native American Tribes

Alabama Native American Tribes

Posted By Paul G July 29th, 2011 Last Updated on: March 7th, 2013

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Buford Rolin (Chairman)
Poarch Band of Creek Indians
Address Atmore AL 36502 Phone: (251) 368-9136Fax: (251) 368-1026
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26 thoughts on “Alabama Native American Tribes

  1. Hello. I have a card that shows I was registered as part of the “east of the Mississippi lower creek Indians”. Is there any connection with your tribe?

  2. I know my grandfather has Native American in him and I found a family tree that was half way filled out. One of his great grandparents names was Isalen Smoke or Jsalen Smoke. Or it could be a M on the end of her first name. It was wrote in cursive and hard to read. I am curious on how I can find out what tribe she is from?

  3. joseph ray lewis says:

    Indian genealogy has been done on my grandfather and others cannot find what has been done

  4. half breed says:

    Hi, I would love to join yall group, I know I have Indians in me my grandmother was blood blooded indian, she was name Juanita weekly, I am waiting on the dan test back. can I become a member. if I can prove my grandmother was full blooded. thanks any help would be appreciated. half breed

  5. I understand that my family is of the Cherokee descent, and one of my sisters found our great uncle on the Dawes Roster, but cannot find our great grandfather on any of the rosters, so how do we go about proving that we are part native American?

  6. Freida Hartline says:

    My Great-Grand Mother was on the trail of tears (on my fathers side), and I also have Creek on my mothers side. Could you please tell me how I can get enrolled into my tribe. I am being pulled emotionally to join my ancesters.

  7. Terrie Detore says:

    My grandfather was mostly Creek indian. I found little about him, only he was born around 1909. He died in the mid 1970’s about 1875.He spoke of an Indian maiden, Proud Mary. I have little to go on.
    but I would like to know how I can learn more, and how can I become a member of Creek Nation? How do I prove I am of Creek decent?
    Thank you
    Terrie Detore

  8. Judy McElroy Carranza says:

    I would like to find out about powwows circle meeting anything I can find in my area of Attalla Alabama I have just moved back home from Florida and would ike to get a schedule of our meetings. I am a ancesotor of Nancy Ward and Indian name is BelovedWomansBlood.


  9. Dakotah Sioux says:

    Paul, my grandmother told me I was of Muskogee Creek ancestry and of the Poarch Oyate in Atmore, but in the past when I have tried to contact them by phone or mail, they would not reply. How do I reach them? I would like to trace my native ancestry. Thanks, Dakotah

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