9 Unique Travel Accessories To Make Your Pow Wow Travel Easier!

Posted By Paul G August 19th, 2017 Last Updated on: August 19th, 2017

If you are a frequent traveler, a great set of travel accessories is one of the worthy investments you could have. Getting the right travel gears can totally make all your trips more enjoyable and comfortable, especially when you want to go out-of-town to take a relaxing break.

Make sure you have these 9 unique travel accessories to de-stress from your travel and packing worries, thus help you have a smooth sailing trip!

Buttshield Protection

Awkward as it sounds, but this accessory from 2Toms really exists. For most travelers who’d love to explore warmer destinations, they do have additional considerations that others may not bother about. Chafing, also known as thigh rub or chub rub can be a major concern of some people especially curvy travelers and it can be too annoying and painful as well. But thanks to this awesome solution, you can now enjoy your travel adventure without worrying about butt irritations and saddle sores. Just apply it to your butt and you're good to go.

Current price: $15.00

Rolo Travel Bag

Having a headache because you over packed again? Forget about your worries of over packing and be an instant minimalist with Rolo Travel Bag. It’s a space-saving bag that will significantly help every travel enthusiasts with their packing hitch. Say goodbye to an unorganized suitcase and complicated packing process for your next trips and say hello to the easiest way of packing and carrying your belongings through Rolo bag.

Great bag to pack all your Pow Wow accessories – beadwork, silver, finger weaving and more!

Current price: $43.99

Beach Cart

How many trips do you make from the car to the arena?  Go get your gear and bring a Super Ultimate Ultra Wide Wheel Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart with you so you can move comfortably and carry your Pow Wow goodies with style while enjoying your the day!

Current price: $77.95

BAGSMART Travel Universal Organizer

How many cables are you carrying now?  Are you constantly looking for another charging cable?  Aside from our gadgets, accessories such as cables, USB and charger are other essential things we can't live without. During the course of a day, your electronics accessories are prone to lose and damages. BAGSMART travel organizer protects your small accessories and even your device while allowing you to save more space in your bag. With BAGSMART, you can stay organized and protect your belongings when traveling.

Current price: $19.99

TFY Universal Car Headrest Mount Holder

During a Pow Wow road trip, watching videos using your iPad is one of the best ways to entertain yourself (or the little ones) especially during a long car ride. To use your tablet in the best possible way, TFY Universal Car Headrest Mount Holder comes in handy. This innovative tool will not only protect your iPad but also allows you to move easily and use your device efficiently. Just simply mount it to the car seat using the headrest strap and you're good to go.

Current price: $24.30

Expandable Travel Organizer

When organizing your travel, there are dozens of little things that go in the car.  There is never enough places for these items!  This also works for storing craft supplies, camping essentials and other small valuables that you might use while you’re away from home.

Current price: $38.00

PACK Gear travel organizer

For a weekend trips, you'll likely need a few pair of clothes, hygiene or beauty products, slippers or shoes, clothing accessories, electronics essentials and maybe some snacks to fill your tummy. PACK Gear travel organizer is all you need to keep all your travel belongings organized, safe and accessible. And it stays organized in your bad and in the room!

Current price: $24.99

Steamfast Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron

Need to get the wrinkles out of your ribbon shirt?  Steamfast Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron is super lightweight and easy to carry while doing its job in removing the inevitable wrinkles and brittleness from your clothes. Definitely, this is the perfect travel accessory to keep well-dressed all throughout the day.

Current price: $23.31

LuminAID Solar Inflatable Light

The measure of a true traveler is how light he packs his things. Speaking of light and packing light, you'll want to bring an accessory like a travel lamp or a flashlight to secure your own light, especially for camping or mountain trips. When it comes to less electricity and handy light source, nothing beats the LuminAID Solar Inflatable Light. It's a solar-powered and inflatable light perfect for every wise backpacker.

Current price: $19.75


As a traveler, a small investment in the above accessories can certainly make your life easier and more fun when traveling anywhere and everywhere.

Feature image by Daniel Wehner

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Rose Avila

. much with they be charging for parking our trailerat the pow wow grounds so we could get idea of what the fee will be Albug New Mexico Gathering of Nation

Craig Apelbaum

Good to know. I’m a camper. I carry everything on my back in an external frame pack.
For me, it’s light weight. But for the average person, it’s too heavy.
But as far as that inflatable light. I’ve seen everything now. What will they think of next.

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