2023 Native American Holiday Gift Guide

2023 Native American Holiday Gift Guide

Native American Gifts For Everybody!

It's that time again! We're back in the holiday season, and we have plenty of gift ideas to inspire your shopping experience, and hopefully take some of the stress out of gift-giving. 

Each year, entrepreneurs, businesses, and creatives strive to create and maintain an inventory of products and merchandise that creatively represents their craft, tradition, or community all while being affordable. As Indian Country robustly creates new economic pathways, the inclusion of authentic Indigenous, or Native, design, thought, and visible cultural representation is available now more than ever.

While it is difficult to know how much of the Indigenous population is Christian, or celebrates the holidays like others in society, Indian Country has much adapted to celebrating the Holidays like millions of other families in the U.S. Many tribes officially host holiday celebrations for a wide variety of functions including the end of the calendar year, gift-giving for children and elders, and changing of the seasons. The number of Indigenous communities, including urban and rural areas, that are acknowledging and celebrating the winter solstice is growing. Gift-giving is common among many Indigenous communities and purchasing items for gift-giving is routine for many functions around the holidays, such as Winter Solstice or the Christmas holiday.

Our carefully curated list of businesses supports Indigenous artistry, culture, tradition and communities. We hope our list is diverse, with an easy shopping experience that has you excited to share with others all while supporting an Indigenous enterprise, small business, or family.

Looking for more Native American products? 

Check out our directory of Native-owned businesses and products at Shop Native!

Clothing & Apparel


OXDX Clothing has a variety of casual wear that makes both an artistic and political statement reflecting Indigenous, or Diné, pride for the brand’s owner, Jared Yazzie. His classic “Native Americans Discovered Columbus” tees broke the scene years ago and their message is as bold as it was back then, that Native people have been here since time immemorial. There are color options for the shirt that is high-quality and printed in Yazzie’s storefront in Tempe, Arizona.

OXDX Clothing is Jared Yazzie’s fashion label that incorporates his Diné culture and inspiration into his designs. Yazzie was chosen in early 2023 as one of four artists in Super Bowl LVII’s emerging artists program, where his designs were promoted as official Super Bowl merchandise. To shop his store, visit his storefront at 1425 E University Drive, Suite B-104 in Tempe, Arizona or browse online at www.oxdxclothing.com

lauren goodday

Lauren Good Day is Lauren’s fashion apparel brand that features her own fine art, including intricate beadwork, parfleche designs, ribbonwork, and ledger artwork. Many of her clothing items sell out quickly, with limited restock. Her Indigenous Fashion Tee 3.0 is available on her website and is likely to sell out before her next release.

Lauren’s fine art has been showcased in museums throughout the world and her clothing line has been featured on fashion runways throughout the country, and the world. Her catalog of items is available at www.laurengoodday.com


K. Lookinghorse is Hunkpapa Lakota fashion designer Kayla Lookinghorse-Smith’s apparel line that features designs inspired by her Lakota heritage and culture. Her best-seller is the Ashley Bodycon, and is named after Ashley Callingbull, the former Ms. Universe. The dress captures femininity, is flattering, and represents contemporary Indigenous designs.

Lookinghorse-Smith hopes to design clothing for the modern woman that honors her heritage. She has showcased her work at the New York Fashion Week, the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development’s (NCAIED) RES2023 Conference in Las Vegas, and was a finalist in the 2023 Phoenix Fashion Week’s Designer of the Year. To view her catalog, visit her online at www.klookinghorse.com

classic red pumps

Sky-Eagle Collection is a fashion brand that features Dante Biss-Grayson’s efforts to honor his Osage Native American heritage and family. He features a set of women’s hells he calls “Classic Red Pumps”. They are unique, unavailable from any other source, and feature Osage ribbonwork patterns on the sole.

His work has walked the runway at the Cannes Film Festival and many other fashion shows, and earned him a blanket collaboration with Eighth Generation. His fashion is featured in many publications and his store features leather belts, dresses, skirts, dress shirts, dress ties, footwear, and more. You can browse his catalog at www.skyeaglecollection.com/shop.


The NTVS’s Skoden Thunderbird Tee features Steven Paul Judd’s design celebrating Skoden in a similar fashion to Metallica’s classic album cover for “Ride the Lightning”- a favorite band and album by many. The design sparks conversation, and overall positive response while showcasing modern Native culture.

The NTVS is a very popular Native-owned and operated clothing apparel line that features Native clothing and accessories. Their clothing and designs feature a wide selection of stylish and unique pieces that celebrate the rich cultural heritage and traditions of Indigenous peoples. Their clothing releases always sell out, and to be sure to be “in-the-know” they have an email newsletter that has all the information you need to know to make your one-on-a-kind purchase as it is announced. To view their shop, go to www.ntvs.com/shop.

floral blouse

Jamie Okuma’s Floral Blouse is one of the award-winning visual artist fashion designer’s women’s tops that features close images of her floral beadwork. Colorful, and detailed patterns make the design blend with many outfit variations.

Okuma’s fashion has graced the runways of many prestigious fashion shows and markets throughout the world. Okuma, an enrolled with the La Jolla Band of Indians in southern California, is a multi-award-winning visual artist whose culture is predominately featured in her art, collaborations, and clothing. Her online store features hoodies, dresses, tops, scarves, jackets, and formal wear. You can view her store at https://www.jokuma.com/shop-cee5.

ginew blanket

Ginew recently released “Gently Strikes Wool Blanket”, a collaboration with Osage artist and designer Addie Roanhorse. Roanhorse was appointed by Osage Nation Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear as the Osage Nation Ambassador for the movie “Killers of the Flower Moon” directed by Martin Scorsese. Roanhorse worked in the film’s Art Department as one of the Art Directors and Osage Consultant. Her blanket collaboration with Ginew was to honor her Osage heritage, and it was woven by Pendleton.

ginew vest

Also, check out their clothing like this amazing vest!

Ginew is a Native American-owned fine clothing company that is family-owned and based in Oregon. Their online boutique features bandanas, blankets, caps, jeans, pants, jackets, vests, sweatshirts, blankets and jewelry. All of their items blend contemporary Native American style with Ojibwe, Oneida, and Stockbridge-Munsee design elements in heirloom-quality garments and goods. To learn more about Ginew, or to view their items visit www.ginewusa.com.


Choke Cherry Creek has a unisex, geometric tee that features beadwork patterns made by the company’s owner, Angela Howe-Parrish who is Crow and Blackfeet from the Northern Plains. Her designs are featured in many of her clothing and accessory items and are sure to be favored by anyone.

Choke Cherry Creek is an Indigenous-owned clothing apparel line owned and operated by Angela Howe-Parrish that features contemporary Apsáalooke (Crow) designs. Choke Cherry Creek has showcased original designs and clothing on runways in New York City, Paris, and other fashion shows. Her online store features her original designs in clothing such as t-shirts, cardigans, skirts, dresses, and more. To view her collection, visit www.chokecherrycreekdesigns.com.

woven blanket Large

The Resiliency Blanket is Soul Curiosity’s partnership with Indigenized Behavioral Healing and the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa. It’s owner Tessa Sayers’, also Turtle Mountain Chippewa, design that features Ojibwe floral designs and a painted turtle. At $70, it’s a wonderful gift and all proceeds benefit the partnership that aims to provide workshops in the community focused on healing. Since the partnership was launched, in November 2019, it has raised more than $29,000.

Soul Curiosity is Native-owned and operated online store that features beadwork, blankets, clothing and bags, and more. Tessa Sayers is Turtle Mountain Chippewa and incorporates traditional Ojibwe floral designs into her beadwork, and other designs such as formal wear, leggings, sweatshirts, hoodies, and scarves. She also has custom designed blankets, bags in a variety of sizes, and wall art for sale. To shop her online store, visit www.mysoulcuriosity.com.


Bizaanide’ewin has a hoodie available in various sizes that showcases designer Caitlin Newago's Ojibwe culture. The Ojibwe Floral Pullover Hoodie is available in 10 colors and makes a beautiful gift that suits any Indigenous fashion collector.

Bizaanide’ewin is a Native-owned and operated art store that features original Ojibwe floral designs created by Caitlin Newago. Her designs are in her many original items including home decorations, kitchenware, clothing, and other gift items. Newago is enrolled with the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians, and she strives to modernize traditional Ojibwe designs. Her website is at www.bizaanideewin.com.

Food and Beverage

birch bark coffee

Birch Bark Coffee’s Coureurs Des Bois – Medium Roast coffee beans are a great start to trying a new roast from an Indigenous coffee supplier and roaster. The roast is described as rich and fruity with a subtle acidity, which is common in medium roasts.

Birch Bark Coffee Company is a First Nation-owned coffee and clothing company based in Ottawa, Ontario that features organic fair-trade arabica coffee beans produced by Indigenous producers from small producers in central and south America. Their coffee products carry the Small Producers Certified Symbol (SPP) and the Canada Organic Logo, supporting small families and farms in other Indigenous communities. To visit their store, go to www.birchbarkcoffeecompany.com.


Red Lake Nation Food has an Asasawemin (Chokecherry) Gift Basket and Bundle that will complement any collector of unique foods. It features chokecherry syrup and chokecherry jelly, and both are made with the wild berry that grows in abundance in northern Minnesota.

Red Lake Nation Foods is owned and operated by the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians in northern Minnesota. Their items include hand-harvested wild rice by the pound, jams, and jellies made with ingredients traditionally used by Ojibwe people, bread mixes and batters, maple syrup, and gift boxes. If your order is more than $75, shipping is free at nawapo.com.


Native Ground Coffee offers a coffee subscription at $14.36 bi-weekly that is sure to please any coffee connoisseur in your life, all while supporting an Indigenous-owned company. Options for subscriptions include a variety of roasts, and ground or whole bean packaging. 

Native Ground Coffee is a coffee company owned and operated by the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community in Arizona. The company brings O'odham's history and culture to the mainstream coffee world by packaging and selling ground and whole bean coffee as well as coffee pods. To view their selection, visit www.nativegroundcoffee.com.

wild rice

White Earth Wild Rice is an Ojibwe food product store owned and operated by the White Earth Ojibwe Nation. They sell 1-pound and 5-pound quantities of locally harvested wild rice, maple syrup, honey, and food product gift baskets. In addition, they also sell beadwork, birchbark crafts such as baskets and canoes, and antler jewelry. To see their collection, visit https://realwildrice.shop/.

Creative Supplies


Northland Visions is a craft, fine art, and home gift product store based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The store’s impressive catalog has rare vintage fire-polished beads, dyed porcupine quills, sinew, and horsehair, a wide variety of cut beads in various sizes, vintage trade cloth, rolled tobacco lids in a variety of colors, hand-sewn ribbon skirts, beaded medallions, Pendleton blankets, linens, and other gifts. The store also has Indigenous-produced food products such as locally harvested wild rice, honey, meat jerky, maple syrup, teas, and more. Their store is located at 861 East Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and their catalog of items can be found online at www.northlandvisions.com.

Although their craft supplies are what keep them in business, their hand-harvested wild rice is authentic, wood-parched, and harvested in Ojibwe territory near Cass Lake and Leech Lake areas in north central Minnesota. At $20 a pound, it not only is some of the best Indigenous harvested food on the market, but a rare find.

lakota way calendar

The Lakota Way 2024 Calendar designed by Lakota ledger artist Jim Yellowhawk and Lakota writer Joseph M. Marshall III, is available at one of Rapid City’s oldest and largest stores, Prairie Edge. Filled with powerful ledger art reflecting Lakota history and culture, and mirrored with anecdotes by Marshall, it’s a constant reminder to any home or office, of the values that still influence the Oceti Sakowin people.

Prairie Edge is a fine art, craft supply, and home goods store based in Rapid City, South Dakota that features art from Northern Plains tribes and beyond. Of course, people can visit the store and see the many pieces of fine art on its top floor, but there is a vast collection of clothing including t-shirts, jackets, vests, and a surplus of books, media and CD music albums for purchase. The store’s catalog features one of the largest glass bead collections in the world and their in-house purchasers can find many rare styles of beads if requested. You can visit them on your next visit to the Black Hills at 606 Main Street, Rapid City, South Dakota, or online at www.prairieedge.com.

teton crew socks

Teton Trade Cloth’s Crew Socks are sure to embellish any outfit with their variety of jacquard woven socks that feature artists Kira Murillo and Tokeya Waci U. Teton Trade Cloth also has two versions, making the options plenty. 

Teton Trade Cloth is a craft supply and clothing store whose fabrics and materials are sought after by countless families, designers, and clothing mariners in Indian Country. It is owned and operated by the Delaware Tribe of Indians and features specialty fabric, bandanas, shoes designed by curated Native designers, blankets, trade beads, and many other accessories that feature traditional American Indian designs from many tribes. Their website is www.tetontradecloth.com.

wandering bull sage sticks

Wandering Bull is a supplier of Native American craft materials, and vintage and antique Native American Art with a focus on the Northeast Woodlands. Their Thunderbird Tee is made in house and features old woodland thunderbird designs commonly found among Haudenosaunee peoples of the eastern woodlands.

Their catalog of items includes a wide selection of beads, jewelry that features beadwork and wampum shells, beaded moccasins, rattles, flutes, drums, clothing and much more. You can view their catalog at www.wanderingbull.com.

Be sure to check out their YouTube channel for craft tutorials!

Home and Accessories

eighth generation blanket

Eighth Generation released a new blanket called “Good Harvest Throw Blanket” designed by Ojibwe artist Sarah Agaton Howes. The design is reflective of Ojibwe floral motifs customized by artists and family, and Howes continues to honor her heritage through her elegant designs. Its colors are warm and earthy and will sit well in any home, room, or ceremony.

You can enter to win this blanket in our Explore Native Challenge!

And look for bonus codes to collect extra entries!  Here's one for you:

Bonus Code – 7519252

Eighth Generation is a Seattle-based art and life brand that features accessories such as scarves, jewelry, towels, hip bags and totes, and more. All of their merchandise is designed by inspired Native artists representing different tribes throughout the U.S. Recently, Lily Gladstone was featured on the print magazine cover of British Vogue and she chose to be adorned with various Eighth Generation materials including blankets and jewelry. To shop the store, they’re located in Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle at 1406 1st Ave. Their catalog is also available online at www.eighthgeneration.com

bison star liquid soap

Bison Star Naturals has a liquid soap set that is a perfect gift for anyone to try their natural skincare products. Their liquid soap set includes a 6 oz pine foaming liquid soap, a 2 oz lotion of your choosing, a Bison Star soap bar, a small sage and cedar bundle, and a lip balm.

Bison Star Natural is a family-owned company that makes natural personal care items such as bar soap, lotions, lip balms, and shampoos with ingredients such as sage, cedar, and pine, and they also sell gift boxes. One of their owners, Angelo McHorse, is Taos Pueblo and he operates a business with his wife, Jacqueline in New Mexico. They operate a storefront at 1103 Paseo del Pueblo Norte #2, El Prado, New Mexico, or visit their store online at https://bisonstarnaturals.com/shop/.

corn dance recipes

First Americans Museum Store (FAMStore) has “Corn Dance: Inspired First American Cuisine” by Loretta Barrett Oden, Potawatomi Chef Consultant at FAM, and Beth Dooley, co-author of “The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen”, in its collection. Oden is one of the most influential Native chefs in the nation and is considered a leader in the new Indigenous food movement. She’s the founder of her Santa Fe restaurant, the Corn Dance Café, and her book features many of the recipes that opened her restaurant.

(FAMStore) is the gift shop inside the First Americans Museum in Oklahoma City that features the finest First American artists, and authors as well as products produced by First American-owned businesses. They feature a wide collection of books, fine jewelry, fabrics for sale by the yard, coffee mugs, tote bags, games, and food products. To visit their online store, go to www.store.famok.org

Books and Media


Birchbark Books is a Minneapolis-based independent bookstore that features a brick-and-mortar shop and an impressive online catalog that is owned by award-winning Turtle Mountain Chippewa writer Louise Erdrich. The store features language books in many Indigenous languages including Dakota, Ojibwe, Cree, and more. In addition, the bookstore features locally made jewelry and craft items such as beaded jewelry, scarves, hats, and much more. Schools, or reading groups, can purchase whole orders from the store’s catalog as well. To visit the store in person, head to 2115 West 21st Street, Minneapolis, Minn., or visit them online at www.birchbarkbooks.com.

“Everything You Wanted to Know about Indians But Were Afraid to Ask: Revised and Expanded” by Anton Treuer is usually in stock at Birchbark. It is award-winning Ojibwe writer and professor Dr. Treuer’s straightforward book that answers a lot of folkloric questions that mainstream society mistakenly believes about America’s first peoples.


The Cherokee Nation’s gift shop carries “Cherokee Narratives – A Linguistic Study”, which includes original stories by Cherokee people, in their language. The narratives and their linguistic analysis are a rich source of information for those who wish to deepen their knowledge of the Cherokee syllabary, as well as for students of Cherokee history and culture.

Cherokee Nation Gift Shop is owned and operated by the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma and is located in the capital city of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, in Tahlequah. In addition to their in-person store, their online catalog features apparel, books, jewelry, Pendleton products, Cherokee gifts, and more fine art. To view their items and order online, visit shop.visitcherokeenation.com.

prickly pear taffy

The Heard Museum has Prickly Pear Taffy, which is made from the fruit atop cacti that grow Indigenous in the Arizona desert. The pear is locally produced in Arizona and is considered a delicacy by many because of its unique, sweet flavor.

Heard Museum Shop is located within the Heard Museum, which is the largest museum of American Indian fine art in the world, in Phoenix, Arizona. The in-person shop and online store features a wide collection of books, fine jewelry, southwestern baskets, Navajo textiles, pottery, and fine art made by many artists from Southwestern tribes and beyond. Their finely curated online gift shop is at www.heardmuseumshop.com.

whale umbrella

The National Museum of the American Indian’s online gift has many luxurious items, but one that stands out is its “Whale Umbrella”. The bright design features Coast Salish two-dimensional patterns created by artist Maynard Johnny Jr. Its design is bold and timeless, and Indigenizes any space.

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian’s gift shop has a selection of jewelry, textiles, books and recordings, blankets, and official Smithsonian merchandise. Items feature artists from the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest. Their in-person stores at their New York City and Washington, D.C. locations have varied selections, but their online store can be viewed at www.smithsonianstore.com/museum-stores/american-indian/home/.

If you shop on Amazon.com, please use our link first. Amazon pays us a commission and no extra charge for you! 

Happy shopping!



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