2017 Native American Heritage Night at SF Giant’s Game!

2017 Native American Heritage Night at SF Giant’s Game!

June 23rd, 2017 marked the 5th consecutive year that the World Champion San Francisco Giants have hosted a Native American Heritage Night. Luke Lightning, Manny Lieras, Mary Trimble Norris and Calvin Hedrick along side the Giants' Special Events Team organized and put together the evening which included drum and song, as well as dancers on the field before the game started.

I had the opportunity to spend time with the dancers before the game and even went “Live” on our Powwows.com Facebook page so that viewers could be right there with us on the field! We had over 300 viewers tune in for the live feed, chiming in with their own support from across the nation. The dancers' emotions ranged from very nervous to extremely excited with smiles that stretched from ear to ear.



The overall feel of the night was pride and joy. You could see the glint of beadwork hanging from the ears of those in attendance at the game, or the Pendleton blankets that would come out of the back pack when that San Francisco fog would start to roll in.

You could see the community coming together and enjoying the pride of that night. So many people there who were not Native approached the dancers to offer compliments on their regalia, and to thank them for dancing.

Tickets sales were used to fundraise for the American Indian Child Resource Center (aicrc.org)  with partial proceeds from the Special Event tickets sales from the SF Giants also contributing to the Center.

Dancers that evening represented Fancy Shawl dancers, Grass Dancers, and Jingle Dress. It was a fun evening.

Luke Lightning was invited by the Giants to throw out the first pitch of the game! If dancers would like to participate in the dancing on the field for next year they could contact Manny Lieras (his information can be found on the NAHN with SF Giants Facebook page).

Please enjoy some of my favorite photos that I took at the Giant's Game!






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