Watch Northern Cree at the 2017 Grammy Awards

Watch Northern Cree at the 2017 Grammy Awards

In case you missed it, Northern Cree was invited to perform at the GRAMMY Awards Premiere Ceremony, which took place at Microsoft Theater on Sunday, Feb. 12 from 12:30–3:30 p.m.

While they did not take home a GRAMMY for Best Regional Roots Music Album, they put on one heck of a performance! They were joined onstage by fellow nominee Carla Morrison.

Below is the video from their performance.

Young Spirit Sing Hand Drum Songs On the Grammy Red Carpet

About Northern Cree

Northern Cree is a renowned First Nations drum group known for their exceptional drumming and singing in the powwow and round dance traditions of indigenous music. The group originated from the Treaty 6 area in Alberta, Canada, specifically from the Saddle Lake Cree Nation. Northern Cree has been a prominent fixture in the powwow and indigenous music scene for several decades.

Their music is characterized by powerful drumming, harmonious singing, and intricate arrangements. Northern Cree has released numerous albums and has earned numerous awards and accolades, including multiple Grammy Award nominations in the “Best Regional Roots Music Album” category.

The group's performances are not only entertaining but also deeply rooted in cultural traditions, making them a respected and beloved presence in indigenous communities and beyond. Northern Cree has contributed significantly to the preservation and promotion of indigenous music and culture.

Behind the Scenes at the Grammys! - Northern Cree Dress Rehearsal

Buy their Grammy-nominated CD!

Congrats to Northern Cree!  Making Indian Country Proud!

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4 Comments on “Watch Northern Cree at the 2017 Grammy Awards”

  • Avatar for Jorda busch

    Jorda busch


    Please send me pow info

  • Avatar for Kevin



    Soooo inspiring ..
    To live a life filled with spirit and wholeness..
    Thank you.

  • Avatar for Paul



    Of your spirit was stirred by this performance . . . you may well have Native American genes flowing through your veins. I suggest ~ you find a Pow wow in your area and attend. Then ~ you will know. Smiling Fox was here.

    • Avatar for Anne Miles-Richert

      I do, I do, I do and I will, I will, I will. …however there are not many. Having Pow Wow withdrawal.

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