Vendor Highlight: Tom’s Art and Crafts

Vendor Highlight: Tom’s Art and Crafts

Lorenzo and Bertha Tom have been coming to Gathering of Nations as a vendor for about 15 years.

The Toms specialize in Gourd rattles used in the ceremony for the Native American Church. Lorenzo grew up watching his Grandfather craft the gourd rattles, and from a very young age, he was mindful of how important it was to learn his Grandfather's craft and to continue his tradition.

Lorenzo and Bertha began their craft with the sole intention of continuing the tradition but soon became aware that their rattles could also provide income for the family. His children were all in school, and needed help with tuition and Lorenzo saw an opportunity to help his children through his craft.

Lorenzo says:

“It is important to pass on tradition. I hope to one day teach my grandson. Children need a hobby, more than just TV or games. They need to go to the library, and read a book, and learn to do something with their hands, whatever they are interested in. Love what you do first, thats what I always tell my children.”

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