Two Young Men Sing Flag Song At White House Tribal Nations Conference

Posted By Paul G December 3rd, 2014 Last Updated on: December 8th, 2018

Preston and Niizhoo Sullivan sang the Flag Song at the White House today! We've featured Niizhoo several times on PowWows.com.  Today's audience including representatives from hundreds of tribes and President Obama.

Watch the video of these two sing for our tribal leaders.

Video from Kimber Acosta with News from Indian Country.



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Bill Skelly

Beautifully done!
So much nicer than the ‘Potty-Mouth’ Rappers !

Harold Pierce Jr.

Enjoyed the sounds of our native people … God has surely blessed these 2 young men! May God continue to lead and guide them to the best of their ability.

Tina Lussier

The boys song was amazing and they did a great job. The had confidence to represent the Natives in Indian Country. Very proud of the boys.

Janice M. Moton

That was really good. But, I have a question. Were the Native Alaskans and Native Hawaiians represented at this Tribal Nations Conference? Or are they not considered Native Americans? even though they are tribes in states of the United States?


Sweet!! Soo proud of those 2 young man, young warriors…


wow awesome to see the youth represent !!! lililili I love it!!! Lakota Pride!!!

gordon miller

that was beautiful parents should be very very proud they are an example of native pride AHOW AHOW

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