The Truth About Christopher Columbus

The Truth About Christopher Columbus

Posted By Paul G October 9th, 2017 Last Updated on: October 11th, 2018

Many Americans celebrate the life of Christopher Columbus on the 2nd Monday of October each year; they falsely believe many now-debunked myths about Christopher Columbus and to this day continue to celebrate what many now believe to be a man who committed many atrocities against native or indigenous people. Native Americans do not in any way celebrate this day and many to this day are still trying to bring to light some of the atrocities he caused and let the truth be told.

As a little bit of background, Columbus Day was originally conceived by the Knights of Columbus which at the time was a Catholic Fraternal organization that existed in the 1930’s. Soon after the then, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the day into law as a federal holiday in 1937.


Christopher Columbus was a thief:

This is news that was buried by the then administration but at the time while sailing Christopher Columbus actually stole another sailor’s reward.  At the time Columbus actually offered a reward of a years’ worth of salary to the first person who discovered land. The truth is another sailor actually discovered land but Columbus reneged on the deal later claiming that he had in fact seen a dim light from land before this sailor.

Christopher Columbus lied about Natives:

Columbus had ulterior motives to acquire large tracts of land and various valuables and to do this he lied about the indigenous people claiming they were violent, not to be trusted and many other untruths which many people believed at the time and allowed him to pave the way for some of the worst atrocities in history.

Rape and Pillage were common among his men:

There are many verified stories of Columbus leaving his men behind in newly discovered lands only for his men to go on and rape and pillage the locals for no other reason than their own sordid pleasures.  They were barbarians who felt little to nothing for native life and there are horror stories of them beheading local natives only to test the sharpness of their knives and for their own sick pleasure.

Greed for Gold:

Christopher Columbus was a greedy man and so was the men below him; they would often enslave locals and put them in horrific working conditions only so they could enrich themselves with gold and other valuable minerals. On a daily basis, many of these natives would die from the horrific working conditions only to be replaced by more natives which were captured and enslaved by his mean. Sadly these conditions killed off most natives who were enslaved.

There you have it, a few hard truths that you may not have known about Christopher Columbus, we hope you share this information so others are aware of the true nature of Christopher Columbus and his horrible crimes.

Celebrate Indigenous People's Day instead of Columbus Day!

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12 thoughts on “The Truth About Christopher Columbus

  1. Ted G Mantzouranis says:

    I was wondering where you got your back ground information I don’t disbelieve the writing just didn’t see a place for the source for your information. Ted

    • Wa Ha Ta says:

      Were the natives so weak that their warriors did not fight back. There were not that many men who landed. If they had done that to any of my tribe. They would have needed a large army. Come on now, cry baby Indians.

  2. Wesley Rose - Walks With Spirits says:

    This is so disturbing and yet so familiar. I would treasure the opportunity to read more about this. Could you guide me toward materials I can read?

    • I can tell you this. In the first part of this is ONE major error.
      Columbus never “offered a reward” to the sailor who spotted land! It was offered by the King and queen of Spain, there is disagreement of who first spotted land. Colubus stated that he spotted lights out on the sea in the direction where land was discovered. A man on look-out claimed he had sighted land a bit later, according to some, by seeing the white sands in the moonlight.
      If a “history” has one error then it cast aspersions on any and all other statements.
      Therfore I claim FAKE writing as a historic piece.

  3. Dan Pierce says:

    This article barely touches the surface of the gruesome horrors and tortures that Columbus visited upon the Native People he encountered. The barbaric and cruel behaviors were well documented in his journals and the journals of the Priests, monks and officers that were with him. Columbus was a mercenary, a sadistic murdered and heinous arrogant man only out for profits and fame. His story has been so manipulated to hide the atrocities committed by him and other European “pioneers” and opportunists that followed. The history that has entered our accepted approved books is false and so contrived as to make noble and righteous the exploits of the people that led the Western Expansionism in the New World. It was in fact an invasion that brought rape, diseases, torture, slavery, genocide and utter cultural destruction of all that was indigenous to the people of the New World. The European newcomer would accept nothing but utter dominance and submission or extinction of what they considered savage and of the devil.

    • Sad, but true.
      I agree that the Native American culture has been stolen, when the foundation is taken there is nothing to stand on. Years ago, we started a program for urban Indians in Chicago which was tied to the University of Chicago. It was a camp started by members of different tribes that lived in the city. It was very positive and had a great affect on the 100 youth that were enrolled, they were taught their culture along with academics and how to survive in this world and to be proud of who they were, that you don’t have to dance for money for others to know who you are, as one young person told me. The problem came in when a none Native, called the government and said we were using the money to educate young Natives instead of using the money for alcoholics. The program was stopped. My daughter was in the program and she said it was the program and she said it was the best thing she had ever experienced, it prepared her for college. If you know who you are, there is no need for drugs and alcohol.

  4. not certified but 1/16 plus metis en manitoba minnesota leneau -lecomptre &wortman -guerero-ramirez familias 2 miigwetch littlenickie of thee little-shell chippewa-ouibwe tah taka a-hooo akicitas

    • Marisa Blackbear says:

      I am a 34 yr old full blood from Yakama, not many full blood left now days, very proud n thankful to still be here breathing. I grew up on the rez, was raised traditionally n to know our language……as well to know our history n what was before the white people came. The stories I was told were not very happy ones at all. I know what our people had been thru n the pain n suffering that came along. It makes me mad everytime I think about it or when the white man holidays come up. I dont care too much about any of the so called adventures that came to our lands. We were very humble, happy strong people before the invasion. Now days were fighting within ourselves to find that happiness n to b steong n humble, it’s hard when u wake up to face what our home has become, that’s only a minor cause done from Columbus, so what do I think of Columbus? I dont, because I am focused on remaining strong for our people that need it, to stay humble against those that try to break me, n to stay happy because I deserve it no matter the situation I may be in. Taats’mawii aniwasha Xmimsa1 -nye-

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