Stolen Regalia, Car Problems – Troubles on Pow Wow Highway – Importance of Trip Insurance

Posted By Paul G April 29th, 2017 Last Updated on: April 29th, 2017

Sometimes things go wrong when you are on the road, it’s good to know that you are covered.

Danita Goodwill, a Southern Buckskin and member of the Osage Tribe from Oklahoma, was traveling at the 2015 Gathering of Nations when her car was robbed and her beautiful beadwork was stolen. PowWows.com tried to help Danita recover her stolen beadwork outfit via Facebook, but although the post was shared 72,000 times the regalia was not recovered. The items stolen included beautiful earrings, a crown, a choker, a backdrop, and necklaces.

Danita was never able to recover her stolen beadwork, so she and her family had to replace it. She made new beadwork and placed 1st at the Gathering of Nations with it. However, if Danita had trip insurance she may have been able to claim for the value of her beadwork and receive compensation.

The Goodwill family isn't alone.  Unfortunately, beadwork, feathers, and regalia are stolen often during Pow Wow Season.  In addition, many families are stranded with car trouble for extended periods of time.

Allianz Travel Insurance

Being Prepared – Just in Case

Theft is a danger whenever you travel somewhere else and your beadwork outfits and other possessions can be worth a lot of money. Having trip insurance means that you will be protected no matter what happens. If your items are stolen when you are on the road, you will be reimbursed for the value – which saves you a lot of hassle and stress.

Plus, trip insurance can also help out in a lot of other worst-case scenarios. If you are traveling on a regular basis by car, there is a chance that you might be involved in an accident or your car might break down in the middle of nowhere. In an unfortunate situation such as this, if you have trip insurance you will be able to receive immediate help.

Travel insurance can also include cancellation coverage – so if you have booked travel and then you have to cancel the trip due to the death of a family member, your house flooding, unexpected illness, accidental injury or many other reasons, the policy will pay out.

The Value of Peace of Mind

It can be stressful to worry about what might go wrong, but when you are covered by travel insurance you will have peace of mind because you will know that even if something bad happens the insurance company will be there to support you. This means that you will be able to relax and enjoy your trip without worrying about what might happen.

What to Know Before Buying Travel Insurance

  • If you travel often, you might find that it is a better deal to get an annual plan – compared to getting a new policy every time you go on a trip.
  • When you are buying insurance, you can usually get the cheapest deal by buying online directly through an insurance provider.
  • Consider looking for a policy with weather damage protection, so that if there is a storm that damages the accommodation where you were going to stay you will be able to recover your pre-paid costs.
  • Also, make sure that your policy includes travel medical coverage so that you will be covered for your medical bills no matter where you are.
  • Consider what you are carrying with you and how much it would cost to replace it – so that you can determine how much travel insurance coverage you need. You may be able to downgrade the coverage to something that suits your budget better.
  • There are many different types of travel insurance policies, so read the fine print carefully and make sure the one you choose will cover you for what you need.
  • If you aren’t sure or the fine print is confusing or written in difficult legal jargon, don’t hesitate to ask for help or clarification. It is important to know what you are buying.
  • Make sure that you find out how the act of claiming works. Will the contract require you to submit a report? What types of documents will you need to attach if you are sending in a claim?
  • Make sure that you save your travel insurance documents and keep them in a place where you will be able to find them if you need them. You might want to save them to a secure electronic place such as an email folder, as well as printing them out and keeping them somewhere.
  • If you travel often looks for an annual plan for your family.

With the right travel insurance, you will be able to go on your next trip enjoying the peace of mind of knowing that you will be covered no matter what happens.

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