Stolen Beadwork Update – Still Missing

Stolen Beadwork Update – Still Missing

Posted By Paul G September 20th, 2015 Last Updated on: May 2nd, 2016

During the 2015 Gathering of Nations, Danita Goodwill woke up to find her car windows smashed open.  She then found that her beadwork was missing.


Danita Goodwill is a well know Southern Buckskin.  She is a member of the Osage Tribe from Grayhorse, Oklahoma. shared a photo of Danita's outfit during the Gathering to spread the word about the missing beadwork.  The post is the most shared post on's Facebook page.  The post was liked by over 15,000 people, shared 72,000 times, and has almost 3,000 comments.

ALERT – STOLEN BEADWORKLast night this beadwork was stolen. Please be on the look out for this beadwork for sale. Contact us with any information

Posted by on Saturday, April 25, 2015

Since Gathering of Nations people have been continually asking about the missing beadwork.  Among the stolen were her crown, earrings, choker, backdrop, and necklaces.


Over the last few months Danita and family have worked hard to replace the missing beadwork.  She has replaced all the items with similar beadwork.  This has created some confusion online.  Many people have posted that the beadwork has been found.  Unfortunately the beadwork is still missing.


Please keep a look out for this beadwork!

Update – April 28, 2016

Many of you continue to ask about updates on Danita's stolen beadwork.  I spoke with Danita during the 2016 Gathering of Nations.

The beadwork is still missing.  There has been no sightings of any pieces.  She continues to check with local authorities and pawn shops.  She is still hopeful that the beadwork will be found and returned.

Her new beadwork looks great.  She placed 1st at Gathering of Nations with it!

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20 thoughts on “Stolen Beadwork Update – Still Missing

  1. Kathey says:

    All we can do is pray to the creator that he will see that it will be returned. He is the almighty who can. The Regalia is beautiful. creator has give the talent and skill to you. Creator will see it come back…

    • Tina Noack says:

      Who could do such a thing😢Whoever did this needs to remember God sees all and God will expose the evil person who did this. I will be praying!

  2. Dernice Gray says:

    I just cant imagine someone to be do cruel to do this there is alot of heritage there and so much very hard work I’m going to pray in Hope’s this article of clothing is found DG

  3. The act of stealing things as personal as Danita’s beadwork causes me to wonder if there have been posts and media spread in England and France. I know there is active black markets world wide and the prospect that Danita’s amazing regalia has fallen to collectors. It occurs to me that these options were among the earliest target areas of concern. Would it be acceptable to inject some electronic tracking device to aid in catching the culprits.

    • My heart aches for this young lady. I’ve done beadwork and it’s a work of love and devotion. The great creator will make this person who has done this horrible thing suffer. I pray that they are caught and punished for this crime, and she gets her regalia returned to her. My prayers are with her. Florina (Hoyle) Poland

    • Denise Dee says:

      I believe you maybe right. If this regalia is no longer here on US soil more likely as you say will be sold in the black market. Secondly, having a tracking device is a wonderful idea.
      I feel her pain, something that was a part of her was taken. Her spirituality, her joy, her culture, and her love of expressing dancing in what was authentically handmade that was deeply and beautifully created by someone that loved her. This artifact was created through someone’s thoughts and heart and even affected this person as well. My heart goes out to Danita, and pray that one day she will unite back with her spiritual regalia. Danita, keep dancing proudly with positive energy of the heart beat and with the beautiful creativity that maybe blessed with you as you dance.

  4. Dari Lambertson says:

    It is now 08/13/2019, I am wonder if that dear sister’s Amazing bead work was ever stolen. It is a terrible world that we live in….

    • Dernice Gray says:

      I just cant imagine someone to be do cruel to do this there is alot of heritage there and so much very hard work I’m going to pray in Hope’s this article of clothing is found DG

      • Lily says:

        I’m not sure what you mean by “I am wonder if that dear sisters amazing bead work was ever stolen”!?

  5. I live in San Gabriel Ca I wish there were an all nations Pow Pow out here or at least a big one, I have been to some a distances towards the Valley area and it’s a drive for us. Please consider hosting one near

  6. Melissa says:

    I’m sorry to hear that Danita’s regalia has not been found, it is beautiful, as natives we always have to be aware of our surroundings and always remember never leave such precious items in your vehicle! I really hope you find your regalia!!

  7. LaDon Thornhill says:

    I would like to know when the Pow Wows are and where and functions

  8. I have been Tring for over 3 years to get recagnized by my counsel and still nothing from them, I am from the washoe Indian tribe and just want to be apart of my tribe again, I was adopted and was cut off from my tribe by LDS Adoption place, my adopted name is not included in this message. Please help me come back home or at least recognized to my tribe, why they keeping me away by my tribe? It’s not far I have no other family members to turn to, I was told by my great grandma that golightly is a part of my tribal member name. Please contact me ASAP on facebook messanger. Please I feel like my tribe don’t care about a lost tribal family member. My facebook name is Marie Seeley please message Me and let me know my tribe has not abandon me. Thank You, my great grand parents where Emma and erma golightly. Please contact me ASAP

  9. Lynne Hojnacke says:

    I see that a lot of work went into the making of this garment I wish you can get it back it is truly a disgrace that another individual would take this and not ask if assistance would be given to make one for them People in general think that theft is okay at the present with the way our society never looks at the hurt it causes

  10. Glenn Miller says:

    Perhaps you could have a permanent page just for stolen/lost/found items,in the many years that I have been on the circuit I have heard of many such things,its not a new problem,and I don’t believe it will stop ,but if we all work on this ,maybe we can catch a few of the degenerates that seem to think they can get away with stealing
    Glenn miller

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