Sav Walkingbear – First Nations Role Model

Posted By Charlie Ballard May 16th, 2016 Last Updated on: May 16th, 2016


Positive role models are a rare commodity in our Native communities, these folks embody all of our civic virtues that we hold sacred such as honor, compassion and wisdom.  They are the guiding light for when times get tough and help pull us through.

This week we take a look at a First Nations young man doing big things up North, his name is Savana Walkingbear. (Cree)  Sav is a 6'3, Left Side Hitter who currently plays for the Camosun College Men's Volleyball team in Victoria, B.C.

Walkingbear recently helped lead the Camosun Chargers to an appearance at Nationals, where they lost to the eventual champions, the Red Deer Kings in an epic 5 set thriller!  Sav will conclude his collegiate volleyball career this upcoming school year.

Lets get to know Sav!

Please introduce yourself.

Tansi, (Hello), my name is Sav Walkingbear, a proud Indigenous Cree father and citizen from Thunderchild First Nation within the Treaty Six Territory, in Northwest Saskatchewan.

Whats your favorite food?


Whats it like being a role model?

My goal was never to become a role model. I was chasing after my goals and dreams to prove to my son that anything is possible if you work hard. My goals and dreams became true after years of commitment, dedication, and sacrifices to be the best I can be. That's when I noticed the role of being a role model. Being a role model is a gift to inspire and motivate others to be the best they can be.

sav 2

What are you future plans?

My future plans are to develop my own business working with Indigenous youth. I'll be hosting volleyball camps, cultural camps, guest speaking presentations on strengthening our indigenous identity and encouraging Indigenous people to succeed in sports culture and education.

sav7 2

What was the lowest point of your life and whats been the highest?

I remember hearing this low point during my whole childhood playing sports, “Walkingbear is good because he only plays with & against other Natives, he would never make it if he played with & against white/black people”  .

High point is winning my first Conference Championship and making it to the CCAA Men's Volleyball Nationals. I was also selected as a Tournament All-Star”. (photo of Sav accepting his All-Star award)


What is the one thing you like to do when no one is looking?


(And wouldn't you know I found a clip of Sav and his beautiful voice, check it out! Sav is in the green t-shirt and leads with the first push up)

In short, this is what keeps Sav motivated, grounded and positive:

“I had a choice to drink and party my life away when my family left back in 2011. I had my share of struggles & negative experiences. I asked myself, how do I want my son to look up to me?

Now every time we talk or FaceTime he smiles cause he's so proud of me & tells me how much he loves me. That's why, I do what I do, being the best dad I can be. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my son so I dedicate this amazing feeling to Lextyn”  . (#7walkingbear)

Sav starts school again in the Fall, until then you can catch him this Summer on his motivational speaking tour, “Strengthening our Indigenous identity through Sports, Culture and Education”  !

To bring Sav to your community, contact:

Cell # 306 860-7491
[email protected]

You can find Sav on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/newnannz

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