The Road to Gathering: Krystyn Shields

The Road to Gathering: Krystyn Shields

Krystyn Shields is from Moab Utah and came here to the Gathering of Nations with her club. Shields is 16 years old and Navajo/Sioux. She dances Northern Traditional Buckskin, and this is her very first year dancing in powwows! Her grandmother made her Buckskin dress, and her Aunt Carrie Keith has brought her into the powwow circle.

When I asked Shields what she thinks about her first year dancing, she said “Dancing helps me to tap into my heritage. It brings me back to the old ways. I understand now why our ways were so important to our ancestors.

This is the second time Shields has ever been to Gathering of Nations, but her first year dancing here. “Its amazing how all these tribes come together in one place.”

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