Should I Hire A Professional Genealogist?

Should I Hire A Professional Genealogist?

The world has become an open place that information can be easily gotten by anybody from anywhere at any time. You might even find yourself asking “What do I need a professional genealogist for?” There are many reasons you need to hire a professional genealogist when building your family tree or if you want to ascertain your status as a Native American. There are as well, tips you should follow when hiring one.


Reasons to Hire  A Professional Genealogist

  1. Time

Building a family tree or learning about your ancestors consumes time. You have to combine this enormous activity with your day-to-day life which can lead to recurrent high-stress levels. Conjure this with raising a family of your own, you should know it’s a no-go area. Some records you need will not be available on genealogy websites  So, just hire a professional and do the more important things you can’t hire someone to do.

  1. Brick Wall

People who choose to build their family tree or ascertain their Native American status without enlisting the service of a professional genealogist usually end up at a dead-end road. This is the point where they can no longer go further. It becomes imperative to enlist a professional genealogist to break down some difficulties and simplify some analysis.

  1. Access to Lineage Information More Cheaply and Faster

For all the information you need, a professional genealogist knows the go-to source. He or she has the right subscriptions for any history you want to trace. More interestingly,  they have connections with websites and consultancies you have never heard before. It makes the job easier for them than it is for you.

  1. They Have the Right Contacts

The truth is genealogists don’t work alone. Like most fields, they are better when they work as a team. If they were to do all the groundwork alone, it would take then a bunch of time to complete your family tree information. Working with others gives accurate results and allows them to work with many other clients.

  1. Knowledge and Experience

Professional genealogists have years of experience.  They have already worked through all the possible problems and issues you will face.  Use their experience to your advantage. has worked with lynellra on!

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8 Comments on “Should I Hire A Professional Genealogist?”

  • Avatar for frank rincon

    frank rincon


    Hello can you please recommend a genealogist ….all this time I thought I was part Crow but now my mother said she is not sure and now unfortunately my father has passed away. ….I am ready to hire as I am not getting any younger lol
    Thank you
    Frank J Rincon

  • Avatar for frederick schulz

    frederick schulz


    my mother was a full blooded indian(princess) of french canadian and was adoptedto an english couple in Mass. her last name was Asenault, adopted in a family named Geeves i and my sister are her children she has passed away and i’m 84 but have no idea what tribe she was from.

  • Avatar for Cynthia R Lopez Corona

    Cynthia R Lopez Corona


    Where do I find a genelogist that wouldn’t break the bank.

  • Avatar for Robert Barboza

    Robert Barboza


    Where do I find a genealogist?

  • Avatar for Cheryl Nassar

    Cheryl Nassar


    My birth certificate says my mother was indian, born in International Falls, Mn. Being adopted this is all the info I have to search my heritage. Can you tell me where I might start with this search? Thank you for any info you might provide.

    • Avatar for Paul G

      Paul G


      Start here –

  • Avatar for linda thomas

    cant find what tribe i am from linda gale thomas. linda gale osborn.davis family in ok. davis, cox, maynard family. need help in trying to show what tribe am i

  • Avatar for julie



    How much is this julie

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