Pass The Brush Challenge – Social Media Native American Videos of the Week

Pass The Brush Challenge – Social Media Native American Videos of the Week

Posted By Paul G April 13th, 2020 Last Updated on: April 13th, 2020

If you have been online lately, which considering we are all trying to pass the time during these few months of social distancing, then you may have heard about or seen videos called the Makeup Brush Challenge.

The Makeup Brush Challenge originated on social media a few weeks ago via TikTok and has blown up to become a phenomenon, especially among teens and young adults. Obviously someone was tuning into their creative side while hiding out in isolation and found a fun and unique way to keep people connected as well as to entertain the rest of us.

How do you play #PassTheBrush Challenge?

First, call up, text, DM, or Zoom friends and family you think would love to play along. The majority of people involved in this challenge are female—but no one is discriminating!

All are welcome!

Next, set your song to “Don’t Rush” by Young T and Bugsey for the background music and get your device ready for action.  Or your favorite Northern Cree or Pow Wow drum group!

The first person starting the challenge films themself all-natural with no makeup on; then they go up to the device recording them with a makeup brush in hand and cover the lens; once the camera is uncovered by the brush…then tada! The person will be in full makeup—as glamorous as they wish–and Pow Wow style videos you are now in full regalia!

Lastly, the participant tosses, throws, rolls, glides (whatever action they choose) the makeup brush. All of a sudden another participant is on camera and the original person is gone; they catch the brush and continue with the challenge.

This can go on and on however many times as the participants wish and they can be as creative, funny, or adventurous as they want.

Lately, there have been many Native American young girls, teens, and even women participating in this delightful trend—and not only does their makeup change…some of their outfits change as well!

Many of the Native females feature tribal regalia and cultural flair as well as use Native music in the background.

Check out some of the creative and Native #MakeupBrushChallege videos below!

Video #1


Briskool (Brianna Olson Pitawanakwat) Anishinaabe

Lunacee (Angela Gladue) Nehiyaw/ Plains Cree

Pilot Nicety (Mishiikenh Kwe) Anishinaabe & Taino

Bgirl Smallz (Tzollintonatiuh/ Crystal Zamora) Aztec

Song: The Bear Song by Boogey The Beat

Video #2


Kul Wicasa Crew

Amelia, Keirsten, Marlo, Seneca, MyKenzie

Video #3

Posted by Dyami Thomas

**This one is a Long-Hair Challenge!

Video #4

Posted by Wynona  Strawbeary

Song: Fawn wood- “Powwow-Song”

Video #5

Posted by Taylor Ben

Choctaw Traditional attires

Have fun checking those out—there are many more on social media and YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

Stay connected and stay creative!

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