#NODAPL Rally @ North Dakota State Building

#NODAPL Rally @ North Dakota State Building

On September 9, our water protectors gathered at the State Capitol Building in Bismark, North Dakota., to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline.   As our communities gathered, so did their North Dakota law enforcement.

Watch the videos above to hear directly from our community members on the front line!

This is a very exciting time for Indian Country, all of our Nations have rallied together to stand with the Standing Rock Sioux to help fight the Dakota Access Pipeline.  This issue is not going away anytime soon, eventually our Native communities are waiting for President Obama or the next sitting President to intervene.

This movement has captured the worlds attention, not bad, considering none of the major media outlets would pick up this story until the Dakota Access Pipeline security used attack dogs and mace on our protectors.

For the latest updates, for the #sacredstonecamp page on Facebook: www.facebook.com/sacredstonecamp

#NODAPL #waterislife #rezpectourwater


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