Native Princesses – New Television Series to Tackle the Topic of Indigenous Beauty

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown June 7th, 2016 Last Updated on: June 7th, 2016


As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are so many differences of opinion on what makes a beautiful person, both inside and out.

A new television series airing on Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) hopes to talk frankly about this topic and how it can differ even amongst our different Indigenous communities.

The title of the first episode will make most of us chuckle since it's something we've all heard before: “My Great Great Grandmother Was a Cherokee Princess”

Beauty pageants are held in Aboriginal communities across the country and beyond. The words “beauty pageant” might not always be what the event is called but a female winner is none-the-less “crowned” at the end. Each community has its own set of standards, principles and criteria. But almost all of them have this in common: Its not just about physical looks. Traditional dance offs, competitive crafts, knowledge of culture and language and even tribal skills competitions are all categories that can determine who will win the event’s title.

Let’s take a look at a few past and current Indigenous beauty pageants in Canada as well as a glance at other Indigenous pageants around the world. How do these pageants affect the winners, the losers and the people in the community? Some view the pageants as a tool to boost self esteem or even help promote culture and keep tradition alive.


This series looks very thought-provoking and I have no doubt will have great interviews and segments. I look forward to seeing more!

The first episode airs Tuesday, June 7th at 8:00 PM, with replays scheduled for Wednesday, June 8, 2:30 AM and Saturday, June 11, 12:30 PM. Please check your local listings for schedule updates or visit APTN.CA for more information. And fear not U.S. readers, these episodes will be available online on APTN's website the day after broadcast!

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