Native Pride Dancers To Perform in Switzerland

Native Pride Dancers To Perform in Switzerland

The International Folklore Festival of Fribourg (RFI) is located in the city of Fribourg, Switzerland. Founded in 1973, the RFI is the oldest and most popular cultural event of the region. It takes place every year during 8 days in mid-August and features 8 to 10 international traditional dance ensembles. Offering about 50 performances and special events spread over the week, the festival attracts more than 30'000 people ever year. With a budget of CHF 600'000, the RFI is run by a central committee, overseen by President Stéphane Renz and Artistic Director Lauriane Zosso and supported by 300 volunteers.

The main goal of the RFI is to safeguard, promote and diffuse the intangible cultural heritage and the traditional culture of the communities of the world with a focus on traditional dance and music, but also other forms of expressions such as traditional games, cuisine, legends, artcrafts, etc.

For its 48th edition, which will take place from the 13th to the 20th of August 2023, the RFI will invite 9 dance ensembles to Fribourg around the topic “Keepers of the Earth”. Communities that have a special link to the earth, to nature and to animals will share their culture and traditions to a Swiss audience.

For this special edition, it is a honor for the RFI to invite the cultural ensemble “NATIVE PRIDE ARTS” to represent the Native American culture of the USA in Switzerland. The group will consist of about 20 participants. 

Native Pride Dancers Need Your Help

Your generous support would help Indigenous American’s and first Nations of Canada succeed in sharing our ancestral knowledge to help improve connections of our future generations and dispel the stereotypes that still exist today. Our dancers range in ages from 4 years old to 86 years old. This opportunity will show our younger dancers how important it is to keep the traditions alive and learn from our elders the ways of our ancestors. 

The group has started a Go Fund Me campaign to help raise the money needed!

Please consider donating!

Native Pride Fundraiser

Native Pride Dancers

Native Pride Dancers Trailer 2015

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