Native American Tribal Nation Mini-Lesson: Chickasaw Nation

Native American Tribal Nation Mini-Lesson: Chickasaw Nation


Today's mini-lesson is on the great Chickasaw Nation.

Traditional Chickasaw territory is now known as Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky. Like many other southern tribes, with the Indian Removal Act, they were forced to move to Oklahoma where the tribe is currently.

Pre-colonial Chickasaw villages made homes in these three different styles. The Chickasaw people traveled and so tended to use the Chickee stilt house as it was easy to build and take down for transportation. After contact with colonists the Chickasaw people modeled some of their villages after colonial towns with log cabins in order to better defend against attacks from colonizers.

The Kullihoma Reservation in Ada Oklahoma has Mound Grass houses that were build recently to bring traditional ways back to their land. You can read more about the Mound Grass Homes in Kullihoma on the Chickasaw tv website here.

The Chickasaw people have a traditional diet based around Corn, Squash and beans. Meat includes small game, and wild turkey. With their moving to Oklahoma, they also developed a hunting relationship with the plains buffalo.

The Chickasaw TV website is incredible! They have all kinds of resources available. I found videos of elders speaking fluently.

Go explore here!

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