27 thoughts on “Native American Music Online Radio Stations

  1. Steven Velasquez says:

    Looking for Native American Rapp music, I’ve heard some before but forgot the name of the artist

  2. Akitchitay says:

    I recently completed a music CD. The music is Taino from the Caribbean. Its called Ma Taino.
    A 5 song CD with two drum songs and three dance songs. The music is traditional in nature, jungle sound tribal music with all authentic Instruments I made myself.

    Thank You, Akitchitay
    you Tube and search – Akitchitay Taino music

  3. Steve Ortiz says:

    Hi I’m a Native singer, guitarist author from New Mexico now living in Naples fl. my latest project is titled “Mother Nature has Tears in her Eyes” Which is on YouTube by Steve Ortiz, I also have a shorter version for radio. If you view it and like it, I’ll send you copy of the CD. Thank You.

  4. Steve Ortiz says:

    I’m an author, songwriter, singer guitar player. a Native American by my mothers side and a Mexican Yaki by my father. my latest song is, “mother Nature has Tears in her Eyes” it’s on YouTube but I also have a CD I would like to mail to you. please send me your address. thank You.

    • Rona Rigsby says:

      Mr. Ortiz ,
      I would absolutely LOVE to have some of your music.

      I love to listen to flute music ,pow wow music , just all of it!!!! Nothing more beautiful to me than Native American music and singing…

      I am actually trying to study the language of Iroquois.

      Thank you

  5. Pat Hogan says:

    I looking for music I heard years ago. Was by a group ” something spirit” or ” spirit something”. One piece I remember was spirit horses

  6. Justine Harmon says:

    My family is from North Carolina, we are black american and Lumbee Indians from my great grandmother. I am 50 yrs old and just getting acclimated to the Pow Wows and my Lumbee roots. As a mother trying to educate my three kids also please anyone let me know of place get good pow wow music and anything related to Native Americans.

    [email protected]

  7. Kay Carter says:

    Would like to hear
    All I have is a hand held tablet can I the music

  8. Bernard G Landry says:

    I am à ACADIEN from N.B. with MICMAC side of m’y grand grand Mather. I stil love NATIVE MUSIC till i start heiring. PS. Sort for m’y english.

  9. Angelique G. T. Land-Harms says:

    Love to receive informative information.

    Thank you!!!

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