More Than Frybread

Posted By Paul G March 26th, 2012 Last Updated on: March 26th, 2012

Twenty-two Native American frybread makers, representing all twenty-two federally recognized tribes in Arizona, convene in Flagstaff to compete for the first ever, first annual, state of Arizona Frybread Championship! The film takes a larger then life turn as four contestants (Tatanka Means, Teresa Choyguha, Dey & Nite and Camille Nighthorse) battle their way to compete for the title in the championship round. This is the frybread competition unlike any you have ever seen and the movie you can almost taste!

Visit their website – www.morethanfrybread.com

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I have been making fry bread for years…My mother use to make it and I would watch her.. I love it.. with bean soap oh yea… We are from Oklahoma and that is what she grew up eating.

Darwin Sanada

FryBreàd Power

Amanda Tawater

Brings me hope…..i miss my people…..huggs


Send me a recipe!!!

Angel Bernard

What’s a frybread competition without the Begays in the hous


..and yet they make all of this look so Simple..One good Day i’ll get up enough Courage to try making it myself!


Fry bread at the community center is good.I asked the price to bring home. (RIDICULOUS) I can make it. A recipe from Sis and 2hrs. later, I had MY fry bread. Enough for 4, cost, very little, and now I can do it. 1st attempt, time consuming but well worthwhile!

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