Michigan GOP official: ‘Herd all the Indians’ to Detroit, build a fence and throw in corn

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown January 22nd, 2014 Last Updated on: January 22nd, 2014

A Republican county official in Michigan is in hot water after making racial comments about Detroit, including the idea that the city should be turned into a detention center for “all the Indians.”

In a recent interview for a profile by The New Yorker titled “Drop Dead, Detroit!” Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson admitted, “Anytime I talk about Detroit, it will not be positive. Therefore, I’m called a Detroit basher. The truth hurts, you know? Tough sh*t.”

Patterson also proposed a fix to Detroit’s financial problems: Turn the city into a reservation for Native Americans.

“I made a prediction a long time ago, and it’s come to pass. I said, ‘What we’re gonna do is turn Detroit into an Indian reservation, where we herd all the Indians into the city, build a fence around it, and then throw in the blankets and the corn.’”

After Detroit officials and activists reacted with outrage, Patterson’s office released a statement accusing The New Yorker of having an “agenda.”

“It is clear Paige Williams had an agenda when she interviewed County Executive Patterson,” the statement said. “She cast him in a false light in order to fit her preconceived and outdated notions about the region.”

Activists with Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network had planned a news conference on Tuesday to call for Patterson to apologize.

Watch this video from WXYZ, broadcast Jan. 20, 2014.

Read more coverage from Raw Story.

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I am of native blood ( Delaware ) and this guy is an idiot and I am sure that he will get his but Al Sharpton can go to hell. We can speak for ourselves and for sure do not need your race bating ass anywhere near A native matter. You ARE no man of anyones god other than that of satan .

les poitra

I think the republican party should be held accountable for any and all remarks made by any of it’s members!! we are here and will always be here,this is our land you came here starving and we fed you corn and kept you alive and you were thankful shaking our hand and holding a knife in the other hand !!!! this is your way!!! the latest talk of going to another planet? why? people need to stay away from other planets because they will polute that planet to

southern navajo

Good luck with that.
You white people tried and failef
Now were all over.


I wonder if he and Dan Snyder are good friends?


This man needs to be voted out of office, to say the least. The overt racism that is erupting all across this nation reminds me of the days of the civil rights movement in the 60’s and 70’s, very sad and discouraging to be revisiting such arrogant ignorance. The Native Americans have suffered enough and don’t need ignorant men like this in any kind of governmental office. Period. Peace on earth and goodwill towards men…

terry quilt

USMC.and I fought for something like this.

Paul Hicks

I read the article written By Toyacoyah Brown on January 22, 2014, but I don’t see an actual quote by Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson admitted, “Anytime I talk about Detroit. It will not be positive. Therefore, I’m called a Detroit basher. The truth hurts, you know? Tough sh*t.”
but anything is possible. To make it more credible let’s see it in writing or a video or a recording of it in his own words other wise it’s just heard to say and we all know the Main Street Media is an Oblame supporter.

Read more: http://www.powwows.com/2014/01/22/michigan-gop-official-herd-all-the-indians-to-detroit-build-a-fence-and-throw-in-corn/#ixzz2uXuji94H

chuck morelli

this is a very sad & a considerable awful set of statements. I’m not sure if these ‘people’ are truly believing what they’re saying or if they just want attention,either way the freedoms they abuse when they do this will be the freedoms ‘they’ demand taken away from the targets of their poisonous rhetoric. It makes me concerned that the power they’ve obtained ,garnishing massive quantities of money, can be justified by the simple ‘having of it’ for the sake of power they wield at the poor they’ve created & maintain to shore up said power for them to abuse… sadly when the cause creates the effect they’ll feel persecuted like the confederacy champions do post ‘comeuppances’… Peace*


I think it is a great,just the location is wrong,lets start by going to washington and round up all the good ol boy fence the in and feed the bull shit just like they have us for the past 100 yrs


There’s no need for him to apologize. It would be fake anyway.

He is speaking his mind (or what’s left of it). Frankly this individual needs to be out of office, he has surely outlived his viability and rationality that is required to hold a position. It is a totally biased and unmitigated racism, now that he is speaking his view, this shows the mentality of most republicans. They don’t want to help anyone but themselves.

Now the way to do it is to hold him accountable for his actions. Removing him from office, and either deny or cut off his pension for being ‘unprofessional’.

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