Laura Grizzlypaws – Bear Dancer Tells Why The World Needs To Learn Lesson From The Bear People – Pow Wow Life

Laura Grizzlypaws – Bear Dancer Tells Why The World Needs To Learn Lesson From The Bear People – Pow Wow Life

Posted By Paul G June 25th, 2019 Last Updated on: June 29th, 2019

Listen to my interview with Laura Grizzlypaws.

Grizzlypaws was born and raised in Lillooet, British Columbia in the Interior Plateau region, she is of St’át’imc descent. Her St’át’imc name is “Stálhalamcen – Grizzly Paws,” She belongs to the people of Xwisten the Bear Clan.

At the age of sixteen, Grizzlypaws began to relearn the St’át’imc traditions her passion grew stronger in education and the heritage of her people it became a way of life.

She is a dancer, drummer, and a singer/songwriter, an academic, educator and a language and cultural advocate.

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Show Notes

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