Kitigan – Nurturing Aboriginal Artisans

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown May 1st, 2014 Last Updated on: May 1st, 2014

The name “Kitigan” is an Ojibway word meaning “garden”. It also means “to grow, to mature, or to prosper”. This is what a new e-commerce site aims to do, help Aboriginal artists grow, mature and prosper. Kitigan's sets out to help Aboriginal artisans gain exposure and nurture their ability to sell their work to a global audience which they might not otherwise reach due to their remote location. Kitigan works with Friendship Centres throughout Ontario who have established relationships with the artists in their communities to promote quality, handmade Aboriginal art and support the entire network from artists, Friendship Centres and Aboriginal businesses.


The wide variety of quality handmade Aboriginal art and products includes original birch bark, wood and canvas paintings, stone and antler carvings, Iroquois pottery and raised beadwork, ash and birch bark baskets, corn husk dolls, feather boxes, hand-carved paddles, quilts and star blankets, tamarack art, flutes, quill boxes and quill barrettes, gold, silver, wampum and turquoise jewelry and apparel including moccasins, mitts, gauntlets, hats, ribbon shirts, vests, dresses, purses and turtle medicine pouches.

Below are examples of some of the lovely items for sale. Please check website for availability and prices.






With Mother's Day just around the corner, wouldn't it be wonderful to open up one of these unique gifts from Kitigan? To find out more about Kitigan and how to order please visit their website Kitigan.com.

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