28 Stunning Photos From UC Davis Pow Wow

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown May 1st, 2014 Last Updated on: May 1st, 2014

Our photographer friend Paula Schultz recently attended the 42nd Annual UC Davis Pow Wow in California and captured some amazing photos.






Created in 1969, the first UC Davis Powwow was hosted in conjunction with the creation of the Native American Studies Department. In the years to follow, the powwow has been the culminating event for the Native American Culture Days events and programs.

The UC Davis powwow is a nationally recognized event that has benefited the campus since its inception and continues to be the premier cultural event for Native Americans and Indigenous peoples in the surrounding local community. The powwow has hosted and showcased vendors, dancers, judges, head staff, drum groups and attendees from not only all over California but all throughout Indian Country.

The powwow provides an opportunity for many Native American youth, families and community members to join UC Davis in celebration of our cultural traditions and practices. It has served as an excellent recruitment event for prospective undergraduate and graduate students and retention tool for Native students currently enrolled at UC Davis. For some community members the UC Davis powwow may be their first experience on a college campus where they get to see there is a strong Native American presence and community on campus.

The UC Davis powwow is one of the longest running student powwows in California.
























Since 2009 Paula Schultz (owner of Paula's Photoart) has enjoyed transforming everyday photographs into her own unique style of photo-art.

Paula's artistic and edgy style creates images that reflect her view of the world. She encourages people to envision the world beyond what reality presents and what the camera captures.

Her distinctive style allows her to tell a story with each picture. Paula's images of dramatic and colorful Pow Wow dancers have been published, won awards and been enjoyed by people all over the world.

Please visit her website paulasphotoart.smugmug.com for more information and gorgeous photos.

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David Baker

My family and I lived in Sacarmento after getting out of the military in 1985. My daughter and grandson still live in the downtown area. When will the next UC Davis Pow-Wow be? I’m part Native American and fill strong spiritually hearing the drums, songs and dance. I don’t dance because I lost my right 4″below the knee. My grandson has never been to a Pow-Wow. I would love to take him to. A gathering then sit with him under a shade tree and talk about it. I want to know if he gets the same filling of spirit as I did the first Pow-Wow I went to at Three Rivers Lodge in Madsdo. The strongest spiritually filling which brought tears to my eyes was at a give away to a very young boy at his very first dance.


Very surprised to see pictures of CA dancers up. You have secured consent?

Paul G

Photography laws allow you to post photos of people at public events as long as you don’t use them in commercials.

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