Judge Kavanaugh and Native People’s Sovereignty

Posted By Paul G October 4th, 2018 Last Updated on: October 10th, 2018

You can't hide from the coverage of the Judge Kavanaugh hearings over the past couple weeks.  Judge Kavanaugh has been nominated to serve on the United States Supreme Court by President Trump.

The news coverage has focused on the accusations by Christine Blasey Ford against Judge Kavanaugh.

Missing from the coverage has been Judge Kavanaugh's record and stance on the issues.

Are Native Hawiians Indian?  After all they come from Polynesia – Judge Kavanah

United States Senator Mazie Hirono spent her time of the hearing questioning the judge about his statements in emails and briefs.  She also released confidential documents to the public to show these statements.


From asamnews.com:

“Hirono blasted Kavanaugh for arguing that Native Hawaiians are not indigenous…

Hirono also criticized Kavanaugh for saying Native Hawaiians don’t live on reservations or have their own form of government, therefore, they should not be treated the same as American Indian tribes, who are federally recognized as sovereign nations.

Again, she said, Kavanaugh is ignorant of the facts, noting that the islands had long been under their own rule before Captain James Cook “discovered” Hawaii in 1778.

Over the next decade and beyond, dozens of cases will come before the Court that could change the landscape of tribal sovereignty.  This appointment will be felt by Indian Country for generations.

Regardless of how you feel about the claims of sexual assault, his opinions on Native Hawaiians are disturbing for all of Indian Country.

Take time to read the documents and watch the videos.

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Nancy Warner

I am 67, years old and only 5-1/2, years ago started to learn about all the lies we are taught in beginning history in grade school with our little Thanksgiving dress-up plays, colored paper turkeys and hats (Pilgrim and Indian), etc. If it weren’t for my late brother’s ancestors paperwork and that one little hint of Indigenous Peoples in the family tree somewhere I would have never bothered to start investigated and learn of all the falsification documented from the time Europeans came to North America. Having Grandchildren in school now I know they still don’t teach the truth. What makes it worse is that when they go to school to refute history with what I yell them they are chastised by the teachers. So I can see where Kavanaugh’s ignorance in Indigenous Peoples is a perfectly honest mistake. Make a difference and get history books corrected, I mean really corrected.
As far as our Indigenous Peoples blood in our family tree, 1%. But interesting because it caused a yearning to learn.


Well, I’m 25%, but if you even look a little white, forget it. I can’t understand, how in this age of so called understanding and equality, we (the Indigenous) People will yet ‘kick out’ our own, because somewhere in our family lineage, someone erased the 100% from our right to be who we are. Isn’t there ENOUGH hate to allow it to happen even among ourselves? I tried recently, to try and find a way to help the people in Pine Ridge, because ( I read that they were one of the groups that suffered the most from poverty), but I guess it must have been my blood % or name , because no one got back to me. Sorry…I thought we cared about one another. WHEN does all of this hate end ? We CAN’T undo what others have done to us and our ancestors. We MUST go forward with love, forgiveness and begin to respect our selves as an individual person with value and worth, created by The Great Creator. Why do we keep this unforgiving bitterness in our hearts and defeat ourselves?


We are native american indians five tribes me and husband man and wife staight not wierd people poor but proud democats ma ta hay sir edwardmwalker cassierunningwolf sharonewalker

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