Jingle Dancing Going Viral During COVID-19

Jingle Dancing Going Viral During COVID-19

Posted By Paul G March 30th, 2020 Last Updated on: March 30th, 2020

Jingle dress dancers are going viral on social media in order to promote healing during the COVID-19 pandemic and to offer up prayers for those in need. Girls and women from across North America are uploading videos online.

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In the CBC article, 11-year old Shyla Tootoosis, who is among the individuals posting a video of her jingle dancing, commented: “It's a really beautiful dance that provides healing,” said Tootoosis, who is from Thunderchild First Nation in Saskatchewan. “When I was growing up I was always taught to pray for one another, and it was a true honor to pray for the world.”

Another girl who is named Kree Spence and is only 6-years old, stated that “ jingle dancing makes her feel happy and she hopes it helps other people feel better, too.”

Native communities are finding ways to stay connected and offer support to one another during this time of isolation.

With jingle dancing, there is love and positivity that radiates from the girls and women posting and sharing their dances online, which is much needed during this uncertain time.

If you are a Jingle dancer, put on your dress and dance! Share the video on social media.

We need all the prayers we can get now!

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