Interview with Justin Kii Huenmasnn – Notah Begay III Foundation – 2019 Gathering of Nations

Posted By Paul G April 27th, 2019 Last Updated on: April 27th, 2019

About NB3 Foundation

The NB3 Foundation is a national, award-winning Native American nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing Native American childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes. The NB3 Foundation invests in evidence-based, community-driven and culturally relevant programs that promote health, physical activity and nutrition, ensuring healthy futures for Native American children and their communities. We are committed to ensuring that all Native American youth live healthy, happy and fulfilled lives.

NB3 Foundation serves 100% Native American populations and tribal nations, each with its own culture, language, history and traditions. Our work focuses on two signature programs of NB3 Foundation are: 1) National Grantmaking Program and 2) NB3FIT.

The Foundation’s national grantmaking program is designed to provide Native American communities, tribes and Native-led organizations with the tools, information and inspiration needed to create sustainable change in their own communities that benefit their children’s health.

NB3FIT is a direct service youth sports and leadership program currently serves Native American and tribal communities in New Mexico. The core values of the NB3FIT program is to get Native youth healthy and active through sports, such as our golf, soccer and cross country camps. We teach about food and nutrition so youth can make healthy lifestyle choices. The youth learn leadership skills and cultural values like respect, self-persistence, teamwork and self-discipline.

The NB3 Foundation is a champion of Native children’s health, and we view all children as sacred blessings who hold great potential for all communities. Source – http://www.nb3foundation.org/about-us/


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