Interview with Dallas Goldtooth at Sacred Stone Camp – #NODAPL

Interview with Dallas Goldtooth at Sacred Stone Camp –  #NODAPL

There are many voices in the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline, heres one familiar voice widely known in Indian Country, Dallas Goldtooth! (Dakota & Dine)

Dallas is active for the Indigenous Environmental Network, which is an grassroots Indigenous movement used to address environmental and economic injustices, Dallas has also fought to stop the Keystone XL pipeline from being built and oh yeah, is a member of the famed Native Comedy sketch group, the 1491's. <– That is some serious Native Street Cred.

Dallas has been instrumental is keeping everyone in the loop with his Facebook updates on #NODAPL !

Dallas has been at the #SacredStoneCamp for a couple weeks now and is taking a short hiatus to catch up on his personal life.  Click here for to see his updates on his Facebook page:

“I'm headed back home with my partner & family right now.  Have to handle home care, bills, paperwork, water plants long deceased, etc etc…. you know otherwise known as life??  Lol.  But I'll be back to camp.  My heart and love goes out to the countless thousands who have stood up or are standing up for the protection of water, land and our inherent rights to self-determination.  I see you.  And I love yah!  #NoBakken #NoDAPL #KeepItInTheGround” – Dallas Goldtooth

Thanks Brother, get your rest, we appreciate the work you do for our people. #aho #aha

For more info on how you can contribute to this cause:

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