Help Send the Sewam American Indian Dance group to France!

Help Send the Sewam American Indian Dance group to France!


Eddie Madril, Anecita Hernandez, Michael Bercier and Sara Moncada are honored to be the first Native American Indigenous group to be invited to present at the Cultures of the World International Dance Festival in France. The festival has over a 40-year history of presenting cultures from around the world and has been awarded a non-governmental organization partnership with UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, for the safeguard, development and promotion of traditional cultures around the world. Other groups in the 2014 program include Pampa y Huella from Argentina, Wadaiko Group Saidi from Japan, Baku Group of Azerbaijan and the Massai from Kenya to name a few.


While the festival provides housing and meals while there, the dancers are responsible for all travel and extras in getting their people there and back home.

Can you help them reach their goal?

Watch their audition tape to see just why they were chosen to share their gift with the world!

Eddie Madril, an award winning dancer and educator, founded Sewam American Indian Dance in 2011 to bring the music, art and culture of Native American dance to audiences everywhere. A founding member and dancer of Four Winds American Indian Dance group, Eddie Madril is a member of the Pascua Yaqui tribe and is an active member of the Native American community as a dancer, singer, educator, playwright and filmmaker, sharing the power and beauty of Native American culture across the country for over 30 years.

For more information on the dance group visit their IndieGoGo page.

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2 Comments on “Help Send the Sewam American Indian Dance group to France!”

  • Avatar for Eddie Madril

    Eddie Madril


    Hello Everyone,
    I’m looking forward to taking the beauty of American Indian culture to the Gannat Festival in France! While there are many festivals I’m learning about that take place internationally, the one in Gannat is a traditional festival with people coming together to share cultures. Gannat is a very small town in the middle if France, and has shared world cultures through the people by the people.
    If you have “Liked” this page, please consider a $5.00 donation. It would mean all the world to us.
    Perhaps we’ll learn more about these festivals from our friends of the world and those here in the states. I look forward to having your support!

  • Avatar for WhoMe



    Hmmm. American Indian culture has value. I wonder why this festival does not pay for Air transportation, ground transportation, food, lodging AND artistic honorarium/fee like most major international festivals.

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