Congratulations Diane Humetewa! Newest Member of the Federal Bench

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown May 16th, 2014 Last Updated on: May 16th, 2014


You might remember we mentioned Diane Humetewa was nominated to serve on the U.S. District Court for the district of Arizona as a federal judge. It was announced May 14, 2014, that the United States Senate confirmed her to serve on the federal bench! Humetewa is the first American Indian woman to serve in the federal judiciary.

The National Congress of American Indians released a statement.

The Honorable Humetewa is impeccably qualified for her new role. She has practiced law in federal courts for over a decade – as Special Assistant U.S. Attorney, as Assistant U.S. Attorney, and as the U.S. Attorney for Arizona – and is experienced in a wide array of complex proceedings, hearings, and cases.

Further, Judge Humetewa has dedicated time to serving the interests of Native peoples. She has been the Appellate Court judge for the Hopi Tribe, counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, and special advisor to the President on American Indian Affairs at Arizona State University.

NCAI greatly appreciates the efforts of the President and Senate in achieving this historic confirmation. There are many qualified, talented people like Diane Humetewa in Indian Country who are able and willing to serve. We eagerly anticipate many more nominations of Native people to the federal bench and other offices.


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Jantine york

We are all elated. Native American, and a woman! Diane, I might not know you personally, but I celebrate that you were chosen. Another step forward in the right direction!

The people

Will NOT help her people. We needed her help defending wrongs done to an elite Special Operations Unit of ALL Native Americans. Not only did she turn her back on her own people, but helped try and destroy them.

George Aguirre

Congratulations Diane, Once someone sets an example, others will follow! Keep up the good work.

Nick Brokeshoulder

Congratulations to the Hon. Diane Humetewa! I can attest that I know this individual for many years, along with her siblings; and she comes from respectable parents who are traditional Hopi Elders, and was raised in the traditional Hopi Way. Our tribal communities should be proud of all the forerunners who helped pave the way for a Hopi Woman to reach this esteemed duty position! To be the first is a great challenge that I am sure will set a pattern for other native people to follow, in closing I would remark to the Hon. Diane Humetewa, “Go far, and Go fast! Best Wishes and Good Luck!!



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