Have you tuned in to “Tone and Taanii’s Tea Time”??

Posted By PowWow Articles April 19th, 2020 Last Updated on: January 19th, 2022

If you haven't heard of the most recent Quarantine Late-Night hit “Tone and Taanii's Tea Time”, are you even Social Distancing???

This late night talk show found only on Instagram and featuring Hip Hop artists Antoine Edwards Jr. and Nataanii Means, has quickly become the most popular late night live show in Indian Country.

Each night averages a constant of 300 viewers at a time! Most often times it's larger than that, and the comment section is where you find some of the most entertaining material.

Most recently they featured Black Eyed Peas artist Taboo, who joined the live stream and even promoted it from his personal instagram page! 

Each day has a theme and when I say these guys entertain, these guys ENTERTAIN. Arguably the best aspect of these live shows are the audience engagement. 300+ people all get a say and even get to come on live video to talk about things like hilarious snag stories, ghost stories, and on Traditional Day Wednesdays” we get a taste of some awesome “tradish” material from artists all over Indian Country. 

They even feature contests, including live karaoke and a talent contest!

All contests are decided by the audience on a 1-10 judging scale, and prizes are given from those who have donated items to give away! Its a TON of fun. Tune in on either Antoine's IG @antoineedwardsjr or Nataanii's @nataanii_means.

And that's the tea!!

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