What Happens When Americans Try Native Cuisine?

What Happens When Americans Try Native Cuisine?

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown May 8th, 2016 Last Updated on: April 17th, 2017

In another hilarious video from Buzzfeed, we find out what happens with typical Americans try Native American foods. How do you think they'll react? Watch and see!

Consensus? “I bet this is what you eat when you have your life together.” Haha! In other words, healthy and tasty.

The video could have gone much deeper though. What other foods would you have liked to see them try? Sofke, grape dumplings, wojapi, mutton, bison, elk or moose?

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6 thoughts on “What Happens When Americans Try Native Cuisine?

  1. Phil Tso says:

    Roast mutton, corn stew, and kneel-down-bread are basics here in Shiprock, NM. Cannot forget to mention roast achee’ ; which is sheep intestines wrapped around fat.

  2. rhonda burbridge says:

    I went to a mesquaki pow wow last summer….they were kind people to us,and they had the most amazeing food!!! The tacos on the himade fry bread were awesome,and the ice cold homemade sasafrass root tea was incredible!

  3. Gilles Bear Heart says:

    Damn that’s to bad they didn’t serve fried bologna sandwiches, Spam , or Corned beef hash ! What’s up with that ? Commodities cheese was an all time favorite. Powdered eggs and powdered milk was on our menu. These people don’t know what there’re missing!

  4. hi my name is terry twobears iv read what you guys post of but when people try native food som says wow some says yuck well the ones that say ooh or yuck have no since of tats all native food is good and whont make you fat like white man food does

    • Mr.R.Ross says:

      Hadi, I agree with you.
      They have no idea. What food we have Million Dollar Grub

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