Family’s Mount Rushmore Photo Goes Viral

Family’s Mount Rushmore Photo Goes Viral

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown August 3rd, 2017 Last Updated on: July 17th, 2018

When the Internet gets worked up you can bet there will be some entertaining back and forth yelling amongst its users.

Take this recent photo that was posted both on Facebook and Twitter by some self-proclaimed conservatives who added their own captions.

Now this photo got some conservatives riled up, but most people pointed out that this family looked Native, not from another country.

And Twitter definitely went in on this guy, using his exact words but flipping the image.

Ahhh yes, twitter gold right here. Check out the original post on twitter or check out these articles on Wonkette and DailyKos.

And I'll leave you with this billboard recently seen in the wild:

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21 thoughts on “Family’s Mount Rushmore Photo Goes Viral

  1. bill casteel says:

    Does anyone know a doctored up photo when they see one..I zoomed this foto in another window tab and its as plain as the noses on their face and the presidents carved behind them this has been photoshopped in.. The shadows on Mt. Rushmore nose (et el) are dark with none beneath the natives posed here. Be wiser than this WiseGuy_wes27 who FAKED this.

  2. How i learned from smoking mountain tenn it Hit me alot I was just had feeling i asked my Dad why we take this Lands from Indians so my Dad took me meet Chief it was amazing when i told Idians Im sorry U know what Chef put his hands and Speak Language and told my dad Now he knew why i was speech less i never forget This but when i dreamed i was eagle soared all over lands i was figure out why Indian want Thier lands be clean healthy future now I dont Blamed Indian im support them Period!

  3. People act like Indiands lived in a perfect peaceful utopia before Europeans arrived. Wrong… they killed each other all the time and fought over land. Europeans should up more equipped and when they should up, natives lost. Flash forward and everyone is boo hoo and now rewriting history to make Americans the savages. You fight, you loose.

  4. Edward Howe says:

    Yeah if I can find the picture of me flipping the finger at Rushmore when I was at Sturgis and if You ever seen tht movie were he throws “the red oil base paint” I would do it in a minute!!!

  5. Anthony says:

    To my fellow sue members thiers a war a brewing in this country ! We must take the sideline approach for survival as a people’culture,race , survival, for family! For my cousins at fort Yates please keep low key! For survival! Last yr u made an impact it affected us family members financially off the Rez even if we’re not registered an adopted to my cousins we must take a neutral factor for survival ! It is what it is ! I’ve realize the action of family members affect all ! Ure assume but damn !! Let’s not make this fight are fight stay neutral ! Like switzerland a neutral zone !

  6. As somebody who lived among and reported on Native Americans for a decade, I don’t blame them. Our country’s policy, from 1492 to the Eisenhower administration, was one of genocide towards Native Americans and their way of life.

  7. To be Native is to love, not hate. We can not change what is behind us so why focus so much energy in looking back? We (all people) need to walk with love inour hearst and act with compassion.

    • Finally, someone got it right. Bigotry and racism is living in ALL races, and should stop. We can’t change the horrible thinking of the past, but we can for the future.

  8. mary ann myerz says:

    This is how naive I was. There I was a couple of years ago I could hardly wait to see the Black Hills of South Dakota. Those Hills are sacred to the Lakota people I had to see them. As we drove up the long roll of Black Hills it was beautiful to me and then at the end I saw four faces carved on the sacred Black Hills. What I exclaimed Mount Rushmore is built on the sacred Black Hills? Now people that is a desecration. I was with a friend who was driving and she wanted to see Mount Rushmore so I agreed to go not willingly…. we saw the video show they put on and they mentioned the Lakota people very sparingly. They began saying Buffalo used to roam this area these people used to live here… later they were put in reservations. That was it the rest was about the Pioneers about how they build them like Rushmore excetera excetera excetera lot of colonial stuff. I was shattered I felt a great sadness. When we were leaving we decided to wait a little bit until the crowd die down yes there was a lot of tourists there. My friend turned me and she said why don’t you play your flute yes I play the Native American flute. There was still a lot of people Milling around in the area that we were at. I faced Mt Rushmore and I played my native flute…. the mournful sound echoed throughout the whole stadium. My friend was so used to me playing the flute and Gathering people all around me to hear my music. She turned around expecting to see a lot of people. She saw none. Oh she said where are all the people?.. You don’t get it do you I said to her they feel guilty that’s why they’re gone.

  9. Christi says:

    Then who has the heart to stop the endless circle of takening from others. From all points of history take take take. This picture doesn’t help anything. That all walks of life has been taken from. The freaking end.

  10. I bet the Native Americans wish there had been “immigration control” when ‘white men’ first hit the shores of this country. When they tried to control it themselves they were slaughtered for it, and then their food sources were slaughtered into extinction to force them onto ‘white man’ designated reservations. Imagine if another culture of people came along now and tried to do that to the different races of people populating this country. What was done to the Native American people was beyond reprehensible and I, for one, am glad that they are building casinos everywhere they can and taking back at least some of what was taken from them throughout history. Kudos to the Native Americans.

  11. dave kast says:

    love all the comments….remember reading in Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions, how he stood on G.W.’s head and peed…moment of bliss…or maybe just had to go.

  12. Gaby Hernandez says:

    I too look mexican but am of the yacki tribe so yes flipping them off was a good thing!! #theystoleourland

    • shannon kidd says:

      Debbie Ferreira it amazes me how you can’t tell the difference between Native American from IMMIGRANTS. I don’t blame them for doing what there doing. Why cause white man came on there land took over there home .And even murdered them . Raped there women . This was never ours to start with we just took it over . So if you don’t like freedom of speech or free will to flip off whoever you like then you don’t deserve to be here just that simple .

      • Gee I thought that stealing of their land was a few hundred of years ago. The main thing is if you don’t Love America , don’t take pictures and post them !!!!

    • Gilbert BearWalker says:

      “Blackfeet” is the name of the Piegan who are the members of the confederation south of the US/Canada border. “Blackfoot” is the name of the tribes (Bloods aka Kainai), Siksika, Piikani, which inhabit north of the border. If you dont like Mount Rushmore, go to the Crazy Horse monument, just a little distance away. “We are all one”….

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