Explore Native American Music – Native American Heritage Month – Explore Native Challenge

Explore Native American Music – Native American Heritage Month – Explore Native Challenge

Explore Native Music

Music is the heartbeat of Native American Pow Wows.  Music permeates all parts of Native American culture.

Pow Wow Music

When most people think of Native American music, you immediately think about Pow Wow or ceremonial songs.  One of the most important things in the life of a Native American is the Drum. Our whole culture centers around the Drum. Without the Drum and the singers around it, the Native Americans could not have pow wows. The Drum brings the heartbeat of our Earth Mother to the Pow Wow for all to feel and hear. Drumming brings everyone back into balance. Whether dancing, singing or just listening, people around the Drum can connect with spirit.

Pow Wow drums are lead by a head singer.  Being head singer is a great honor. The man who receives this honor is chosen for his experience.  He has the right to lead all songs unless he chooses other men to lead and help carry the load. The head singer may open the Drum at his discretion. This means anyone may lead songs at any time.

Songs are started with a lead line sung by the head singer. This lets the Drum and the dancers know what song is coming. After the lead line, the second (another person at the Drum) will take up the lead line, and everyone will join in with him. At this point, the dancers begin to dance. The loud beats during the songs sometimes called “honor beats” are a time for dancers to honor the Drum. In Northern Singing, these beats are generally during the verses. For Southern Singing, the honor beats are generally between verses.

Listen to Pow Wow music on our streaming Pow Wow Radio.

Native American Music

Native American musicians sing and perform in all genres of music – rock, country, jazz, rap, and more.  Many of these artists bring a bit of Native flair to their style of music making it more personal to them.  Natives have been recognized with Grammys, MTV Video Music Awards, and more.

Listen to Native American music on our streaming Native Music Radio station.

Watch the videos below to see just a few of our Native American musicians.

Native American Music Awards

There are two music award shows each year.

The Indigenous Music Awards are awarded each May in Winnipeg, Manitoba as part of the Manito Ahbee Festival.

The Native American Music Awards (Nammys) are award in October at the Seneca Niagra Resort and Casino.

Native American Music Most Popular Articles

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Native American Music Articles

Pow Wow Singing Videos



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