Creating Tradition – Native American Art – Epcot Walt Disney World

Creating Tradition – Native American Art – Epcot Walt Disney World


I was finally able to visit the Creating Tradition exhibit in Epcot recently.  Our last family trip to Walt Disney World was just a couple weeks before the exhibit opened.  So I had to wait over a year to return to Epcot.

It was worth the wait!

The exhibit features art artifacts and contemporary pieces that showcases art from different geographic regions of the United States.  Seeing the old mixed with the new is an amazing way to show the history of Native American art.

I was truly inspired and excited to see Native art on display in Walt Disney World.  Hundreds of thousands of visitors will be able to see authentic Native American culture through our art.  As I was taking pictures I saw lots of people spending time admiring the art and using the interactive kiosks. 

Thanks, Disney for sharing this exhibit with your visitors.

During my visit, I live-streamed a tour of the exhibit – watch below.

Next time you are in Walt Disney World, make sure you take some time to visit with this art and history.


From Disney

About the Collection

Explore the artistry of American Indian communities—and learn about traditional Native influences.

“Creating Tradition: Innovation and Change in American Indian Art” showcases authentic, historical Native artifacts alongside contemporary works of American Indian art—demonstrating examples of cultural traditions which have been handed down through generations.

Native communities from 7 geographic regions across the United States are included in the gallery. Their art represents the richness, depth and diversity of Native cultures past and present. Among the featured artists with works on display are fashion designer Loren Aragon (Acoma Pueblo), noted doll-maker Glenda McKay (Ingalik-Athabascan) and Juanita Growing Thunder (Assiniboine Sioux) from the Growing Thunder family of Montana.

This collection is made possible through the collaboration of the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture (MIAC) in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) in Washington, D.C.

Interactive Storytelling

As you browse the gallery, enjoy an enriching, immersive storytelling experience with interactive displays. Installations throughout the exhibition can help you further explore the art, artifacts and history—with narration and insights provided by some of the artists themselves.

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    Jo Ellen


    That is really awesome!

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    You know that sissy land is racist. If you do not believe me watch the cartoon dumbo. Just because the birds have black feathers does not mean that is the way they would sound. Also, one of the crows is named Jim crow. All Indigenous nations on this continent need to do a lot more everything.

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