Congratulations! Enoch Cree Nation Woman Wins Mrs. Universe!

Congratulations! Enoch Cree Nation Woman Wins Mrs. Universe!


If you didn't already have one, here she is, your new #wcw (woman crush wednesday)!

Ashley Callingbull (married name Burnham) has been a regular in the beauty pageant scene for some time now. She was the only First Nations contestant in the 2010 Miss Canada pageant and was recently a finalist in the 2013 Miss Canada pageant. Last week she made history by becoming the first Canadian AND the first First Nations woman to win the title of Mrs. Universe. Not to be confused with Miss Universe, Mrs. Universe is an international contest for married women.

According to our rules she must age 25 to 45, to have family, her own career and to be involved with a significant cause in favour of other people.

In an interview with CTVNews, she said she was drawn to this competition because of their focus on domestic violence this year.

“I thought, this is a perfect platform for me because I'm relatable to people, I've experienced this myself and I'm able to speak about it,” she said. “I'm glad I'm able to use this title as a way to speak for others that can't speak for themselves.”

And here she is being interviewed by CBC News:

Ashley shared some of the moments of the competition on her Instagram account.

Check out this gorgeous jingle dress she had made for the pageant!

And this swimsuit is stunning!

Congratulations again Ashley! I know you have already made a lot of Canadians and First Nations people proud!

The best feeling! So surreal @mrsuniverse2015

A photo posted by Ashley Burnham (Callingbull) (@ash_burnham) on


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About Toyacoyah Brown

Toyacoyah Brown is an enrolled member of the Comanche Nation, currently living in Chicago. She received her B.A. in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma and an M.A. in Media Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. When she's not scouring the Internet for fun things to share with readers you can find her digging for vinyl in her local record store or curling up with a good book.

14 Comments on “Congratulations! Enoch Cree Nation Woman Wins Mrs. Universe!”

  • Avatar for Sister Ces

    Sister Ces


    Congratulations! May you have safe travels, stay close to your family, and receive many blessings for sticking your neck out for a good cause! You go girl!!

  • Avatar for Monte



    ……..Nice…Awesome…’bout time the world recognizes a North American native. Keep it up and may the Good Lord continue to Bless.

  • Avatar for Running Doe

    Running Doe


    osiyo Ashley, with your wonderful win, you have such beauty, hoping you a wonderful year filled with good things to come your way, wado

    • Avatar for Sonny Rios

      Sonny Rios


      Osiyo, Running Doe, tohitso? Are you Eastern or Western Cherokee?

  • Avatar for Nathalie



    Dear Ashley
    People in Europe are more aware of first Nations history and cultures. I am for example working on a Thesis on the BIA boarding schools.
    I am so proud of your achievements and the fact that you promote and therfore help keep alive your beautiful culture.

  • Avatar for David



    Mimi – ….the breasts, the lips, the botox…seems a bit of everything…but it’s a case of the ends justifying the means. If she wins beauty contests and has fame, which gives her influence which gives her the ability to focus on good causes and more time than most of us for supporting those causes… hey, then more power to her compulsions and perhaps insecurities. She may not be a “natural” beauty anymore, but she’s still a Native beauty. Here’s hoping the best in her life and congrats.

  • Avatar for Tanara Vasquez

    Tanara Vasquez


    You’re a beautiful young lady. Remember modesty is a virtue. No need to overexpose yourself. Be a respectful representative for women please.

  • Avatar for Tanara Vasquez

    Tanara Vasquez


    You’re a beautiful young lady. Remember modesty is a virtue. No need to overexpose yourself. Be a respectfulrepresentative for women please.

  • Avatar for annie



    She is very beautiful!!!!!! And her being Native American and winning, makes my heart fly. Finally, being recognized for our beauty, not our crafts,( which are beautiful too), I have no more words, she speaks for all of us. Your sister Native too , Thankyou.

  • Avatar for Mimi



    and what about the breast???????????

    • Avatar for Tamara



      I’m sorry, but you must not be full blooded. At least not Sioux , you have misrepresented, Native America. The Siuox nation, is not proud.

      • Avatar for Wife of Proud Cherokee Man

        Wife of Proud Cherokee Man


        Why would you say “you must not be full blooded” on here ? Are you in a position to know her heritage ? If not, then refrain from writing inappropriate, unkind things.

        This young lady lives in a different world than most of us. Beauty pageants are not for the faint of heart. She competed, she won. Be proud.

        Let’s not tear each other down. There are already enough people doing that. We should be above the petty destructive rhetoric of others.

        • Avatar for Joan M

          Joan M


          You are so right! She did a great job and I’m sure will continue to help others.

  • Avatar for Nancy



    Congratulations, you are beautiful. Just wondering if you have a certain skin care/cosmetic line you use?

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