British Music Video Filmed on Blackfoot Nation Land

British Music Video Filmed on Blackfoot Nation Land

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown December 12th, 2013 Last Updated on: August 28th, 2019

Chase & Status are an electronic music duo from the UK who recently enlisted award-winning director Josh Cole to direct a music video for their song “Alive”.

The “Alive” video was shot on the Blackfoot Indian Reservation in Montana. The video tells the story of the lead character going through drug addiction, loss and a kind of spiritual awakening via the Sun Dance ceremony.  This, of course, has gotten the attention of natives here in the U.S.

Watch the video and let us know what you think.

Read more on Kiss FM.

For additional information, please read this interview with the makers of the film.

The video was approved by the Blackfeet Nation and the Crazy Dogs Society.

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We should never film ceremonies. Or even in the vicinity of where they are held. Was told that when you do so, you freeze the spirits in time. New agers see ceremonies duplicate it and desecrate the sacredness of it. Happening, now. Especially in Europe.

Mountain Child

Leonard Crowdog and Dennis Banks are RESPONSIBLE for the SALE of and DESECRATION of Our Most SACRED CEREMONY –
Now We Have New Agers –
JAPANESE – Europeans – South Americans
That are NOW Making a MOCKERY of the Sun Dance —
SHAME ON YOU Leonard and Dennis You Fat Old Washed Up Men


Very powerful – but – the ending gives the wrong message. Although the end may be realistic, the message is that it doesn’t matter if you turn your life around, you will lose in the end. I was shocked and saddened by the end and would not recommend this video to anyone struggling with addiction. Up to the last minute I was going to share it on facebook and with a lot of people privately. You need to balance reality with hope. I strongly recommend changing the ending. Too much reality can also break the spirit. We need HOPE.


I thought this video has a powerful message. I know that there are struggles and difficulties and it seems that Natives are faced with a lot more troubles that it is realized. Isn’t time to admit that these troubles are out there and stop keeping them in the closet? There are churches and temples that actually televise their sacred services. So now in this age of media explosion, wouldn’t it good to get these ancient tradition documented before they are forgotten? And couldn’t these documented tradition be something taught to Native children and encourage them to be proud of the strong tradition they are a part of? And can’t this be the next step to helping get our young ones to gain a self worth and help turn them away from what they have seen as normal like drugs and alcoholism? I don’t have the answers. I just think that the more people get to understand the rich tradition and sacredness of those traditions, the more support that can come from it.

Michael Alphin (Flying Wolf)

I see nothing wrong with this. Addiction touches every society. How is crack (I assume that is the drug, as I don’t have audio) so different from the alcohol brought over by Europeans? The video shows the struggle, but also victory in traditional means via sweat, pipe, and offering. Sadly, when the young man tried to take recovery to those still using, he paid with his life.

Coming from the viewpoint of a recovering alcoholic (me), the ending is still something of a victory in that the young man died sober. Not only that, but did so trying to pass on the gift of recovery. Probably most important (assumed, as I did not have audio), he spent his last moments on meditation with Wakan Tanka. I think the video was great!

Nancy Junaluska

The Video was priceless…not only what our children go through…I cried …heart warming and hope this help’s other’s to stop and go by our Ancestor’s way’s…I feel so helpless when it is hard for them….I am sending smoke up in Prayer’s for all…Blessing’s…

Leon rattler

When love is presented only on Sunday or ceremonies and abuse continues the rest of the week respect is out the window. As a sundancer I dance for the native kids living on the street of our cities today, that someone tell them they are loved, give them a hug. Outstanding intelligent people they are. today it is not easy to please all the wanta-bees untell we adults stop fighting for top spot our children will continue to follow our path. The monies given for this film was given to the children by way of hat, gloves, coats, food, many benefited and awareness that Indian country there are people willing to stand up on there behalf.

Joseph TwoFeathers

The best 7 minutes you’ll spend to see the destructive power of poverty, addiction, and twisted violence and the recuperative power of honor, faith, and ceremony. This is not limited to American Indians but to the destitute of hope across racial boundaries. A sober and thoughtful video.

Bear Feathers

I appreciate the message more than anything. I’m glad it showed everything because I didn’t find it entertaining or see it as an exposure of something sacred. I saw the truth. I saw a mirror and received inspiration. This is exactly how life IS for us natives. So what if some are offended? They should be more offended/ashamed at the reality of life than anything else. I lost an 8-year old to her own father and cousin because they were tweeked out on meth and had been up for days. They raped and stabbed her to death and then attempted to bury her broken and mutilated body. Drugs are another form of the devil and the devil is a lie. Thank God for using this vehicle to show what needs to be shown. Now WAKE UP.

Patricia Norquay

this is a very powerful video and may every human being over the age of ten watch it, I shed a few tears my prayers for all

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