Bay Area Two Spirits @ SF Pride 2016 !!

Bay Area Two Spirits @ SF Pride 2016 !!

This past weekend was the 46th Annual San Francisco Gay Pride Parade and the Bay Area American Indian Two Spirits ( took part!

The theme for this years parade was, “For Racial & Economic Equality” , to address the disparity of the negative encounters our communities have had with law enforcement agencies around the country.

For those of you who attended the, “Gathering of Nations Powwow 2016” , if you watched the video above, you probably noticed those same big bright balloons hopping around in GON2016 Grand Entry and yes, that was me.  Like the Grand Entry in Albuquerque, I also danced with my heels in the SF Pride parade and those pumps were murder on my feet too.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 5.07.56 PM

It was such an amazing feeling to represent Queer Indigenous people in the parade and it wasn't just Two Spirits marching in our group, we had our friends, families & allies giving their support as well.


Micheal Horse of, “Lone Ranger & Tonto”, fame was also hand to give support!


And would you guys believe our tiny little contingent won the Most Fabulous parade award, which is given to any group who shows, “great emotional content, message or outstanding presentation” !!! Lululululululu !!!! Derek (the guy pictured in the middle) is holding up the parade ribbon!


“Marching, I felt a wonderful, warm, validating reception from everyone on the side lines. Taking in so much love like that can be overwhelming at times, and I felt tears many times come as we strolled down Market street. I felt we all were there to show people, ‘WE ARE HERE' , and we are here to HEAL” – Joshua Long Wolf

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