Author: Josiah Hair

Indian Removals 1800-1900

Much has been written about the various removals that occurred through out the 1800's with the Cherokee Trail of Tears gaining the most exposure to the public through movies, plays and the written word. A dark chapter in the history of the United States and a Blight on the Memory...

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Cherokee of Today – Native American Pow Wows

The Cherokee Tribe of today is made of 3 different groups that all descend from the same common tribe. Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma Citizens reside within 14 counties in  Northeastern Oklahoma, the tribe composes of descendants of those that were forcibly removed from lands in the Southeastern United States during 1838-1839 time...

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Missouri/Arkansas Cherokee

Perhaps one of the most common family stories I hear as I travel throughout Missouri and Arkansas goes something like this: My Great great great Grandmother was "part" Cherokee and escaped from the "Trail of Tears" or something along these lines: My great great great great grandmother hid out in...

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The Ani-Kit-U-Wah People  By: Josiah Hair The Cherokee Tribe of today is made of 3 different groups that all descend from the same common tribe. The Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma These citizens reside within 14 counties in Northeastern Oklahoma.  The tribe composes of descendants of those that were forced removed...

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Final Roll of the Cherokee Nation & Freedman

Today we call this the Dawes Rolls, although it encompasses the original Five Civilized Tribes of the South East (Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole). This article is specifically about the Cherokee Roll.  To describe this roll and purpose, first, we must do a bit of history and hopefully give...

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Holdout, Doubtful and Reject of the Dawes Rolls

Previous articles gave overviews and some tips on navigating through the Dawes Rolls. This article follows up on some information on those common arguments on who is and who is not Cherokee because of three classifications: Holdout, Doubtful and Reject. Holdout Holdouts were a group of Cherokees that belonged to...

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