9 Best Native American Cookbooks Full of Traditional Food Recipes

9 Best Native American Cookbooks Full of Traditional Food Recipes

Tired of cooking the same meal all the time?

Well, apart from attending cooking classes, buying cookbooks can provide you an idea of what new dishes you can prepare for your loved ones.

Below are 9 of the best Native American cookbooks out there!

Try your hand at some Native dishes!

  1. The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen

In this cookbook, Sean Sherman shares some techniques on how one can make seasoned foods that are not only vibrant but are healthy as well. The recipes in this cookbook do not involve any European staples as it introduces the indigenous Minnesota and Dakota cuisines of today’s modern world.

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  1. Native Harvests: American Indian Wild Foods and Recipes

This cookbook is not just a collection of recipes, but it also serves as a manual on herbs that can heal or kill a person. It also contains recipes of some unknown yet delicious foods. What makes this book different is that everything included here are well researched and very informative, making it an ideal choice for those who are on an indigenous diet.

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  1. Foods of the Southwest Indian Nations: Traditional and Contemporary Native American Recipes

For those who wanted to practice healthy eating, this book presents over 80 traditional recipes that have been adapted to the modern dining table. Also, in case some ingredients are not available in the kitchen, a list of substitutions can also be found in this book.

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  1. Spirit of the Harvest: North American Indian Cooking

Containing 150 authentic Native American Recipes and traditional dishes across the country, this cookbook emphasizes on the use of native ingredients. Aside from that, it also contains information on the culture of the major tribes and the kind of diet that they have.

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  1. Original Local: Indigenous Foods, Stories, and Recipes from the Upper Midwest

Making the most out of the ingredients that can be found in nature is what this cookbook is all about. It contains 135 local food recipes of different regional tribes together with stories shared by chefs, families and food researchers. It also has sections or chapters on beans, tea, herbs, wild rice, etc. All in all, this cookbook contains exciting indigenous dishes, in which some uses ingredients that are not commonly known these days. Through this cookbook, the author is able to inform her readers how the Native American ancestors were able to preserve their food sources and prepare their food.

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  1. The Native American Cookbook Recipes from Native American Tribes

This cookbook contains delicacy recipes of Native Americans that have stood the test of time with a twist. The recipes included here also reflect the American culture and history while introducing new ingredients to spice up the dishes served. G.W. Mullins wrote this cookbook. He has already released several books about the Native American Indians as he, himself, is of Native American descent.

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  1. Foods of the Americas: Native Recipes and Traditions

Foods and staples that have long been used in the ceremonies of Native Americans are presented in this cookbook.  It also features short essays of writers, sharing their insights on the different traditions involving indigenous foods. Not only has that, the recipes also come with enticing photos, making one look forward to cooking it themselves. The ingredients listed can also be easily found in local supermarkets. It presents simple yet good food.

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  1. The Pueblo Food Experience Cookbook: Whole Food of Our Ancestors

For people who wanted to know and experience Pueblo Food, this cookbook was specifically created for them. It focuses on promoting balance and healing through going back to the original practices of preparing and consuming food – using ingredients that are free of chemicals. 5 essays are also in this cookbook about the culture and history of Pueblo.

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  1. Native American Cookbook

Billie Williams has compiled different Native American recipes in this cookbook. The recipes found here came from different tribes across U.S. and has been passed down from generation to generation. By purchasing this book, one can learn how to make corn soup, rattlesnake or even fry bread.

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There you have the 9 best cookbooks that will introduce you to the food and culture of the Native Americans. Each one of them contains great recipes and information to fill both your stomach and your mind. Also, they are suitable for cooks of different cooking skill levels.

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    What a great list of cookbooks! I really want to get these and try the recipes!

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    I am looking for a bread recipe for a friend whose mother made it for her when she was little.
    The recipe has been lost over the years.
    The ingredients are 7 of this, 7 of that, 7 of the other but that’s all she remembers.
    Can you help me find the recipe for my friend?
    Thank you.

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