5 Reason You Have To Visit Gathering Of Nations Pow Wow!

Posted By Paul G April 14th, 2015 Last Updated on: March 20th, 2017

The Gathering of Nations Pow Wow is just a few days away! Gathering is THE largest Pow Wow in North America.

I've seen people posting online listing all the reasons to avoid Gathering of Nations.  It's too crowded, it's too commercialized, it's too expensive – you've seen these posts.  Despite the issues, this is a Pow Wow you have to visit at least once.

Here are the reason you have to visit the Gathering of Nations!

5. Miss Indian World

Miss Indian World

Where else can you see 15-20 incredible young Native women competing.  You see these women each present a tradition talent on Thursday night.  Watch their public interview on Stage 49.  See them compete in a dance contest Friday.

Then Saturday night see the crowning of the new Miss Indian World!

This is not to be missed!

4. Networking


The spectators at Gathering of Nations include a Who's Who of Indian Country!

Visit the many Native business in the trader area to discuss potential jobs.  Meet new friends.  See old friends.  Meet up with tribal leaders and business leaders.

Form relationships that will help you advance yourself through the people you meet at Gathering of Nations.

3. Stage 49

Ed Koban Onstage

Ed Koban Onstage

No where else can you see as many Native acts in one place!  Comedians, performers, and bands!  There are over 35 acts performing at the 2015 Gathering of Nations!  These acts include A Tribe Called Red, Ladies of Comedy, Iron Horse, Native Roots and more.

You could spend your entire time at Gathering of Nations at Stage 49!


2. Vendors


Shopping!  Shopping and more shopping!  With hundreds of vendors setup at the Indian Trader's Market, you can shop for hours!  Moccasins, books, beads, jewelry, blankets – you name it you can find it!

Bring extra spending money, you will find something you have to take home!

1. Grand Entry


Word cannot explain what is it like to see this many Native people in one place!  The sight of over 3,500 dancers moving together is breath taking!  Where else can you go to see that?

Make sure you get a spot early to see one of the Grand Entries at Gathering of Nations!

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Mike Nelson

went to pow wow in shiprock!!!!

Sharon Dvorak

I have not been able to attend the past few years and I miss it very much. I love being there! I appreciate the live cast that you do so I can still see it.

Donna Berkovitz

where is this located at ? I live in pa

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