26 Gorgeous Photos from 18th Annual Oroville Pow Wow

26 Gorgeous Photos from 18th Annual Oroville Pow Wow

Once again our photographer friend Paula Schultz has shared with us some beautiful photos from the 18th Annual Oroville Pow Wow in California. Here's what she had to say about the event:

The annual Oroville Pow Wow was held Memorial Day weekend in Oroville, California. Now in its 18th year, it is held as a way for people from tribes throughout the west to gather and share their culture with the Northern California community. Everyone is invited to come, and even if they're just watching, they're participating.

Taking part in the dance and song starts at an early age, and some parents/grandparents moved on the grass with infants in their arms as everyone gathered to celebrate, dance, sing and greet longtime friends.

“It's a recognition of our Indianness and a reflection of our history” said it's organizer Lucky Preston (Pit River Tribe).

Preston said there would be gourd dances to bless the land and people, jingle dances as well as the sights and sounds of tribal traditions through songs, dances and blessings.

Besides those who live in Oroville and Northern California, people came from Idaho, Utah, Washington, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona to participate this year.

Although there is sometimes a theme, this year's Pow Wow was a celebration of accomplishments, including showing support of graduates and recognizing Native American accomplishments over the years.


























And here's a little bit more about the photographer:

Photo-Artist Paula Schultz, noted for capturing imagery of the beautiful scenic areas of Northern California and Southern Oregon, has had her exceptional award-winning images published in many national and international magazines, calendars and websites.

Her photos have recently been the 1st place winner in Cowboys and Indians Magazine, graced the cover of Outdoor California, published in Indian Country Today (NY), Pow Wows.com, and in addition, she was the featured photographer in Southern Oregon magazine (Readers Choice 2014).

Eddie Webb, owner of Red Pony Film Productions of Tempe, AZ said of her photography “Your photography is of Exceptional and Professional quality, and you have a Photographer’s eye”.

Paula’s exciting images of dancers’ movements frozen in time, not necessarily of the dancers in total, but specific sights: mocassined feet, swirling fringed shawls, elaborately colored bead and appliqued work, and brightly colored feathers, are of special interest.

The importance of respected eagle feather headdress dancers, the Grandfather Eagle staff, and the revered Golden Age Dancers are uniquely, but yet delicately captured through her camera’s lens and interpreted as seen through her eyes.

Wishing to share her appreciation of the Native American arts, Paula recently made a donation of over 40 Native American themed full-color images, many of dancers, which are on permanent exhibit at Oroville’s Ipakanni Early College Charter School.

Paula’s Photo-Art images displayed at the school depicts both dancers of all ages in colorful dance clothing coupled with spectacular scenes of the local area. “Each photo is carefully designed to inspire the imagination of the viewer, so they can interpret the images on their own level” says Schultz.

Paula enjoys capturing images at special occasions, festivals and community events. Because of her dedication to her art and her demonstrated sensitivity to the Native communities, Paula has been asked to be the Staff Photographer for both the Oroville and Paradise Pow Wow Committees.

Her beautiful and creative photographic images will soon be available as note cards and postcards.

Thanks again Paula for sharing your work with us. We can't wait to see where you end up next! Please visit her website Paula's Photo Art for more great photos.

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