2022 Pow Wow Calendar – Experience Native American Culture At An Event Near You

Pow Wows ARE happening again. 

However, before traveling to an event check our calendar and with local committees for the latest information.  

Be sure to check the state of the event for any travel restrictions.  

When traveling, please remember to observe social distancing and wear a mask! 

Stay safe!

The calendar on PowWows.com is the most comprehensive listing available for Native American Pow Wows.

Our Pow Wow Calendar includes over 1,000 Native American events listed each year.

Every weekend somewhere in the United States or Canada there is a Pow Wow happening.

Each dot represents a Pow Wow held in 2018 with a 100-mile circle. You can see there is a Pow Wow near you!

You can find a Pow Wow in your state!

2022 Pow Wow Calendar

Browse the Calendar by date or state.

You can also search the calendar for keywords.

Please check back on our calendar throughout the year.  We update the events every week.

Keep checking for the latest information.

2012 Gathering of Nations

If you are involved in organizing a Pow Wow, please add it to our calendar

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Pow Wow Travel

2022 Gathering of Nations

Looking for “North America's Biggest Pow Wow”?

The Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico will be held April 22-24, 2021.

North America’s Largest Pow Wow
April 28-30, 2022
Powwow Grounds Expo New Mexico/Tingley Coliseum
Albuquerque, NM, U.S.A.


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6 Comments on “2022 Pow Wow Calendar – Experience Native American Culture At An Event Near You”

  • Martin Lawrence


    I live in England UK and would like to know if there are any Powow meetings or affinity groups in the UK?

    It seems to me that the UK needs somewhere that we can gather to celebrate Native North American Culture, do some dancing and have fun.

    • Paul G


      I don’t know of any there.

  • karen he hirsch


    looking to find out if the powwow at miti jo campground in Milton,nh for october10 and 11 is still on

  • Douglas Harder


    Thank you–discovered the St Catharines powwow the day before it was on. Made the trip to Niagara to see it.

  • Rene LaFerla


    I am having trouble using your calendar. My friend and I are looking for pow wows or festival of nations near Missouri, such as Oklahoma. I am Cherokee Nation and the pow wows in Cahokia Illinois have ceased to exist. We would like to do an outdoor pow wow in the spring.

    Thank you so much.

    • Paul G


      Look here newpowwows.www.powwows.com/oklahoma

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