2016 Denver March Pow Wow Highlights and Results

2016 Denver March Pow Wow Highlights and Results

Another successful year for the Denver March Pow wow with dancers competing for prizes in their category and in specials that were held over the weekend.

The big snow storm didn’t stop the pow wow from being a full house for dancers, spectators, and the vendors. Natives from all over the county including Canada were in attendance for the 42nd annual pow wow, even the younger dancers brought their A-game.

2016 Denver March Pow Wow 2016 Denver March Pow Wow 2016 Denver March Pow Wow 2016 Denver March Pow Wow 2016 Denver March Pow Wow 2016 Denver March Pow Wow 2016 Denver March Pow Wow

The final results for the 42nd annual Denver March Pow wow 2016:

Golden Age

1st – Tommy Draper, NM

2nd – Gary Richards, SD

3rd – John Bird, WA

4th – Ronald Windy Boy, MT

5th – Roy Morsette

Senior Men

1st – Clifton Goodwill, CAN

2nd – Terry Fiddler, MN

3rd – Amos Yazzie III, AZ

4th – Gabriel Cleveland, WI

5th – Tony Wahweotten, KS

Men’s Northern Traditional

1st – Chadwick Red Elk, WY

2nd – John Richards, SD

3rd – Coleman Eagle Elk, SD

4th – Herman Vasquez, WY

5th – Hoonch Cleveland, NE

Men’s Fancy

1st – War Shield White, ND

2nd – Michael Roberts, OK

3rd – Canku One Star, SD

4th – Lance Yazzie

5th – Amos Yazzie, NM

Men’s Grass

1st – Jon Taken Alive, SD

2nd – Joel Omeasoo-Wood, CAN

3rd – Trae Little Sky, SD

4th – Wanbli Charging Eagle, WI

5th – Wylee Bearstail, ND

Men’s Chicken Dance

1st – Rod Atcheynum

2nd – Dave Kelly, SD

3rd – Brody Screaming Eagle, ND

4th – Brian Waskewitch, CAN

5th – Perry Smith, CAN

Golden Age Women

1st – Roberta Wind Chief, UT

2nd – Debbie Howell, CO

3rd – Phyllis Monson, AZ

4th – Carmen Clairmont, CO

5th – Virginia Allrunner, CO

Senior Women

1st – Danita Goodwill, KS

2nd – Grace Her Many Horses, ND

3rd – Diane Desrosiers, MN

4th – Bev Larvie-Medhaug, SD

5th – Amy No Ear, CA

Women’s Southern Cloth

1st – Rickilynn Hughes, OK

2nd – Laura Rose Sage, OK

3rd – Tara Grover, CO

4th – Cher Satepaugoodle, OK

5th – Nawnee Little Axe, OK

Women’s Southern Buck

1st – Michelle Flying Man, NM

2nd – Chrish Toehay, KS

3rd – Erica Lamebear-Franci, NM

Women’s Northern Cloth

1st – Marcy Fiddler, MN

2nd – Brittany Pelkey, KS

3rd – Daisa One Feather, SD

4th – Lyndee McClellan, OK

5th – Korah Curley, AZ

Women’s Northern Buckskin

1st – Randi Bird, SD

2nd – Krista Marie Goodwill, CAN

3rd – Katrina Her Many Horses, CO

4th – Kendra Eaglestar, NC

5th – Brianna Good Tracks-Ali, CO

Women’s Jingle

1st – Leah Omeaso, CAN

2nd – Amanda Iron Star, OK

3rd – Shawna Olson, CAN

4th – Sadie Red Eagle, CA

5th – Candace McCabe, AZ

Teen Girls Fancy

1st – Oketisha Roberts, OK

2nd – Jessica Yazzie, NM

3rd – Hozhoni Whitecloud, WI

4th – Kaite Wendell, SD

5th – Star Her Many Horses, CO

Teen Girls Jingle

1st – Alsee Her Many Horses, WY

2nd – Mariah Crow Feather, MN

3rd – Breanna Nez, UT

4th – Elaine Red Shirt, SD

5th – Courtney Little Hoop, NE

Jr. Girls Traditional

1st – Annmarie Cometsevah, OK

2nd – Chole Iron Cloud, WY

3rd – Leah Ware, CO

4th – Kamyelle Nez, UT

5th – Mash-Ta Littlecook, OK

Jr. Girls Fancy

1st – Neveah Jishie, AZ

2nd – Tracy Menard, MN

3rd – Wakinyela Clairmont, SD

4th – Rayanna Bird, SD

5th – Gabrielle Kenny, SD

Jr. Girls Jingle

1st – Dori Blue Thunder, SD

2nd – Lielani Benally, NM

3rd – Heaven Old Coyote, WY

4th – Meah Bird, SD

5th – Zariah June, WY

Teen Boys Fancy

1st – Bob Brent, NM

2nd – Tyler Yazzie, AZ

3rd – Silas White Buffalo, MN

4th – Christian Nargel, OK

5th – Jessup Yazzie, SD

Teen Boys Grass

1st – JT Largo, ND

2nd – Wambdi Clairmont, CO

3rd – MJ Roberts, OK

4th – Damon Baker, MT

5th – Misun Mills, SD

Jr. & Teen Boys Chicken

1st – Jayce Old Coyote, WY

2nd – Marvin Red Cherries Garcia, MT

3rd – Dominque Albert, CO

4th – Jerome Hawk, CO

5th – Marshall Simako, CO

Jr. Boys Traditional

1st – Darrian Archuleta, NM

2nd – Brylee Bearstail, ND

3rd – Kodreis Herman, CO

4th – Misun Clairmont, CO

5th – 

Jr. Boys Fancy

1st – Jaron Yazzie, NM

2nd – Dreamer White, ND

3rd – O.D. Draper, NM

4th – RJ Tveter, CO

5th – Elijah Waditaska, CAN

Jr. Boys Grass

1st – Ross Ike, NE

2nd – Colter Cook, SD

3rd – Joseph Cannata Jr.

4th – Roy Morsette, ND

5th – Mylan Archuleta, NM

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  • Avatar for Carmen Clairmont

    Carmen Clairmont


    No listing for Teen Boys Traditional Contest??

  • Avatar for D. Yeomans

    D. Yeomans


    Good morning, I always attend this pow wow but was not able to do so this year. I was wondering how much the chicken dancers that placed this year took home for their prize winnings. This is one of the nations best pow wow’s and hope this is the only year I will not be able to attend. Looking forward in participating next year for sure.

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