2014 PowWows.com Princess – Alexa Winona Mary Gabbard

2014 PowWows.com Princess – Alexa Winona Mary Gabbard

My name is Alexa Winona Mary Gabbard from Moorhead, MN.  My Dakota name is Unki Maka Akan Waci Win which translates as ‘She Walks On Mother Earth.  I am Dakota oyate from Sioux Valley, Manitoba, Canada and Ojibway from North West Angle, Ontario, Canada.  I was born in British Columbia, Canada and lived there for five years before I moved to the United States.  I am 13 years old and I am in seventh grade at Horizon Middle School in Moorhead, Minnesota.  My parents are Mike and Delores Gabbard.  My grand parents are Alden and Elsie Pompana from Manitoba.

I travel all over the United States and Canada with my family, going to pow-wows all year long.  I have been dancing since I was able to walk and pow-wows have become a very big part of my life.  I also enjoy going to ceremony in my home community and other communities.  Along with pow-wows and school, I also enjoy theater, choir and playing trombone in my school band.  When I get older I want to finish high school and get a scholarship to Harvard University to be a lawyer.


About Paul G

Paul G is the founder PowWows.com, who wears many hats as a business coach, photographer, and collector of quirky shirts. Paul started PowWows.com in 1996 while pursuing his graduate degree. With a passion for travel, he and his family hav  traveled the world, capturing unforgettable memories and photos. When he's not coaching or clicking, he's indulging in the magic of Disney.

3 Comments on “2014 PowWows.com Princess – Alexa Winona Mary Gabbard”

  • Avatar for Jess



    How would you become this princess in the future?

    • Avatar for Paul G

      Paul G


      We will be posting information about that soon.

  • Avatar for Michelle Law

    Michelle Law


    Such a beautiful and talented young woman. And a fine example of what young women should be. You are so blessed to have your connection with your family and may they always be blessed too.

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