How to Do Threadwork on Feathers

After many requests, I'm finally getting around to a tutorial on threadwork....flat style (not stacked). Materials: Something to wrap...feather quill, dowel rod, etc. Thread...I love Sulky brand rayon sewing/embroidery machine thread Scissors...small and SHARP!!! Glue...whatever you like...I like Aleens Tacky Glue...dries clear and flexible...washes off fingers easily! Ruler or measuring tape Pencil or pen...I like Micron pens (indelible ink, super tiny point) Prepping surfaces to wrap: Bare quills: normally very might need to scratch the surface with very fine grit ...


How To Make Your Own Bead Loom

By Robyn Rokar I just made myself 4 looms over the weekend and had the foresight to take some pics. It's a very simple need to mess with screws,nails, etc.... Supply list: 1" x 4" board, wide Strapping tape I bought a 8 foot board and had the lumber yard cut it in half to fit in my car. Here's a pic of the strapping tape I used and one of the spacer blocks I cut ...


How to Make a Jingle Dress

Juaquin Lonelodge continues his series of tutorials on CATV.  In these two episodes he shows how to make Jingle Dresses. View more of their videos on Making Regalia - Episode 6 - Jingle Dress from CATV47 on Vimeo. Making Regalia - Episode 7 - Continuation of Jingle Dress from CATV47 on Vimeo.


How to Create Bead Work Applique for Pow Wow Outfits

Juaquin Lonelogde shows how to create applique designs for contemporary Pow Wow outfits.  The videos below include steps for laying out the design and beading the project as well as many tips and tricks from an expert craftsman.


How to Create Outfit Design Templates

Juaquin Lonelodge shows you how to create templates for your designs.  These templates are then used to create your Pow Wow regalia.  Watch the videos below for the his Pow Wow outfit tips and tricks.


How to Make a Native American Hand Drum

Watch the video below to learn how to make a Native American Hand Drum. Video produced by Noc Bay. Learn to make more Native American Crafts in our Craft Tutorials. Copyright: 2005 by Loren Woerpel, Noc Bay Publishing, Inc.


How To Make a Beaded Rosette Medallion – Craft Tutorials

This project will help you learn to do applique rosettes on a small project. Beaded medallion necklaces have been popular for both men and women dancers for many generations. These instructions suggest using the new beading foundation as the material to sew the beads onto. It is a stiffened fabric that helps you keep the rosette flat while pulling the threads tight (Figure 1) Figure ...


How to Make Ribbonwork – Straight Dance Ribbonwork Tutorial

This tutorial is for the cut and tuck method with a template. Making the design and cutting the template is probably a whole tutorial by itself!  For my ribbonwork, I use metal templates.  The pattern shown below is done using 2 different metal templates. When I first attempted ribbonwork, I was in awe of the details of the designs.  After you learn the basic concepts of how ribbonwork is make, however, the process is quite simple.  You are layering or singling stripes ...


How to Make a Dream Catcher – Craft Tutorial

The Dream catcher now comes in all sizes and a great variety of designs. Depending on the artist making them and how they were taught. These instructions are the most basic of design and materials. We leave it up to you to choose how you want to finish the decoration of your Dream Catcher. How to Make a Dream Catcher ...


How to Cut String Buckskin Thongs

Long pieces of thong can be cut from scraps of leather by cutting it from a circle of buckskin. Using the best part of the scrap, trim the edge so there are smooth curves, generally shaped in a circle. Begin on one edge and cut around until you have as long a thong ...



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Straight Dancing

The Straight Dance from Oklahoma Native American Tribes is a formal, tailored, prestigious form of southern dance clothes.   The overall effect is of reassuring solidity, with everything closely matched and …


How to Do Threadwork on Feathers

After many requests, I’m finally getting around to a tutorial on threadwork….flat style (not stacked). Materials: Something to wrap…feather quill, dowel rod, etc. Thread…I love Sulky brand rayon sewing/embroidery machine …


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