Pow Wow Radio App

By Paul G on July 26, 2011
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Pow Wow Radio – Your 24/7 online station for Native American Pow Wow Music.  Download to your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devices.

Listen to over 2,000 Pow Wow songs from groups such as Midnite Express, Cozad, Bear Creek, Southern Boys, Eyabay and more.

Pow Wow Radio is the source for American Indian Pow Wow music.

Download the app now!

Listen online:

Pow Wow Radio

Pow Wow Radio


TOPICS: Native American Music, PowWows.com

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78 Responses to “Pow Wow Radio App”

  1. andrea says:

    i have tryed over and over to listen on my phone but it just will not work… i have an android… i get all the pages to come up but when i try to listen it wont do anything…

  2. yazzie says:

    DOES NOT WORK. Why place something on the market that doesn’t perform?

  3. Two Buffalo says:

    When do you think it will be working.. I have been getting very frustrated with your mobile app. I love drum music. And would like to have it playing on my iPhone. I ask please get it going soon.

  4. lamont cayaditto says:

    Paul why did you guys create something that wouldnt work and let alone piss off every single person out here we love our powwow music lets say how u feel if someone was massing with your pay check givin u the rounds u wouldnt like it rite?rite thats how we feel bout our music.Either fix it up and make sure it dont go “”down”” again or jus take it off and leave alone and go sit in the corner wonder wat the F.. happen

    • Paul G says:

      The reason the Android app stopped working is because we had to move servers.

      We have fixed the problem. You need to delete the version you have on your phone. Then go to the Marketplace and download the new version.

  5. Nic says:

    What do I do to listen online? Everytime I click play live, nothing comes up.

    • Paul G says:

      You are trying to play it through a browser or our mobile app?

      If you are having trouble accessing it via a browser, make sure your browser is setup to play Windows Media files.

      If you have trouble with one of our mobile apps, please make sure you remove your current version and download the latest version.

  6. Sophia says:

    Umm, I can’t even find this in the app store for Android… whats up with that??

  7. Sophia says:

    Okay, thanks. But its saying its not compatible with my device, so i guess I’m just gonna have to wait til I can get a new phone. Do you know of any other apps that play pow wow jams? Again thx for the help.:)

  8. Brian Kidd says:

    It worked a while back, even tried after it stopped to purchase it. The purchased version did not seem to work.

    Uninstalled it and reinstalled it several times. Still having alot of issues with it.

    All it says it that it is loading and seems to lock up.
    I have it on a Sprint Evo 4G phone.

    Any idea of what I could do to fix it?
    I really liked it when it worked, and so did the kids.

  9. Rodartez says:

    i have the iphone app and it still doesnt play music…

  10. loisyoungbear says:

    Well something new nice work. Alsome 😉

  11. Sophia says:

    Yeah none of the links have wworked.:( its okay.

  12. Sophia says:

    Yeah, none of these links have worked for me, its okay I can wait.:)

  13. Two Horses says:

    Same problem of worked/not working now and there appears to be no iPhone app update. Man, I really like this app as I can go to the park and work out some dance steps… please help.

    Pilamayaye Kola.

  14. lamont cayaditto says:

    Wat da hell man da new app on market dont work dude com on man give us sumthing dat works.DA NEW MARKET APP DOES NOOOOOOOOOOT WORK WAT OTHER EXCUSE U HAVE NOW

  15. Oklahoma teacher says:

    This app works perfectly on my iPhone, thank you! I hope I
    can get it to work on my classroom computer.

  16. TEXAS COMANCHE says:


  17. Judith Pansarosa says:

    Thank you for developing this unique app. I appreciate your commitment to working through the difficulties that pointed towards solutions. That is how we all learn, and it takes a courageous heart to endure criticism. The app downloaded easily and quickly to my iPhone 4S. The songs keep playing even when I switch screens. For the future, it might be interesting to add biographical information about the groups featured and perhaps some images. Again, thank you for sharing this precious gift.

  18. mikey says:

    The apps cool but plz switch up the songs. Heard the same 4 songs all day

  19. Joe says:

    I downloaded it onto my ipod touch for free but today when I tried to download it onto my iphone 3g, it says it costs a dollar now. Why is this?

    • Paul G says:

      We offered it for quite some time for free. However to maintain support of the radio, we had to start charging for the app.

      • Wanderingelkless says:

        no complaints … just a suggestion. on the iPhone app page .. you may want to remove the word “free” after 24/7. I have had no problems doing other tasks on my iPhone while enjoying the music simultaneously. Glad this is available and I wish to thank you all for making this possible.

      • Paul G says:

        Thanks! We recently started charging for the iPhone app. Hadn’t updated all the pages yet.

  20. Kim says:

    I’ve been trying to download it onto my Android phone but it keep telling me that it isn’t compatible to my phone. I have a Devour phone. So frustrating when all you want to do is listen to great powwow songs. Any suggestions?

  21. Iyami says:

    The app doesn’t work on any of my devices–is it fixed? My Android and ITouch are both up-to-date, as is my Nook Color–that one is rooted to be an Android device and it’s brand new.

  22. Crystal says:

    I have a Windows Phone. Do you foresee an app for Windows Phones?

  23. Night Wolf says:


  24. Daydowa says:

    It’s not working on the phones. I have a Samsung Galaxy S Relay Android. Please help!

  25. Boot says:

    why is there not a free app for Pow Wow Radio but on the PC it is 24/7 free

    • Paul G says:

      For several reason. First producing mobile apps is expensive. We have to pay developers.

      Also stream the radio costs money for the bandwidth. The apps help offset that cost.

  26. Angel Blue says:

    I just paid for this app and it won’t work! I am a widow w/ a two year old can’t afford to buy an app with problems!

  27. clay says:

    I cannot bownload it I’ve tryn fer weeks now too… That’s not good sure would be nice to have yer tunes portable as my takoja loves our music and is constantly singin and would give me a break.. I also have an Android S One…

  28. Lila says:

    Will it work for kindle fire?

  29. ronald starr says:

    why cant i reinstall powow radio

  30. Robert says:

    I am looking for ringtones.

  31. Jimmy Compton says:

    Hey guy your site says free app but you go to down lad it and you have to pay 2.99. What’s up?

  32. Brad Broerman says:

    Unable to find your apps on the Android play store…

  33. beverlyjo says:

    Hey Paul, Thank you for doing this. I hope the issues get worked out soon. I want to thank you for trying. Please don’t let the people that seem angry discourage you, because they can’t get it to work during these early stages. I appreciate that you are trying. At least you are trying. Nothing good comes easy. Thank you.

  34. Glen Neal says:

    Your android app is not in the app store. The link above it takes you to Amazon with a sorry not here message. Poorly done guys…..

  35. Victoria Martinez says:

    When do you think the app will be ready?

  36. Theresa Finfrock says:

    Why is it taking 3 years to fix your apps? I really want to listen to some pow wow music!!!

    There are many, many people who want this app on their phone and they have been asking you for several years now to get it fixed…i think its becoming ridiculous.

    • Paul G says:

      It works on the iPhone and iPad. We pulled it out of the Android store because of problems.


      • Theresa Finfrock says:

        Since you pulled the app out of the Android store then why do you still advertise it on your website? I really wanted this app on my android phone.

  37. Lillian says:

    I have attempted to download your app for my android, or smart phone. I have attempted to do this from my computer, and by going to the “App Store”, on my phone. I continue to receive a “404” site not found notice. PLEASE I want very much to be able to listen to Pow-Wow music, ON MY PHONE. PLEASE send me the proper link in an email. I would be most grateful.
    It appears that you have been having trouble with this site for quite some time. Have you gotten the problem resolved? Please instruct me as to how I can listen to Pow-Wow music, ON MY PHONE! Blessing Goddess Lillian

  38. john b parry (akicita) says:

    Just got emale forowwow radio and itisnot downloading to my galaxy s4

  39. Dennis says:

    I’ve read a lot of the complaints from your fans about your pow wow music app. I to am a fan and are having the same problem with my android. I won’t add to the mass hesteria, if you would emai me when you’re app is up and working I would appreciate it very much. Thanx

  40. Bob potts says:

    Paul, it still isn’t working… but I am a patient man, take your time, I will keep trying very greatful for your efforts!!

  41. Danielle says:

    Wtf! Have been trying for Days!!!!! To listen to the online station and trying to download the powwow app!!!!!!!! And nothing… I have no old version… I have no version. Won’t download on my Samsung S4 phone and my Samsung Galaxy tablet. I want my powwow music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Arrowheart says:

    I laughed til I cried at all of the comments regarding trying to get pow wow radio and the app. I have been trying get either on my iPad with no results. Going in circles with this. Free radio that costs? Yet it always says it is downloading, but it lies. I got nothing . No wonder there are only nine people listening online right now.

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